Wson the 1st
Main Title King of Sunset-Palermo
Secondary Title Prime Minister of Palermo
Third Title Veteran of the 11/19/12 War
Join Date 2/4/12
Type Palermonian
Quit March 2015
 Wson, or Wson the 1st, was King of Sunset-Palermo during the Palermo Civil War and later Emperor of the Palermo Empire in 2013 under the Sunsshines Regime. He retired from his HR status and made no attempt to reclaim it. He quit ROBLOX around March 2015.

Upon his surrender of the Emperor rank, his appointed successor was Sunsshines.


Wson joined in 2012 and was a known Citizen of Lake Palermo. He later ran for Prime Minister and was elected in the Palermo 1st Empire. His time as PM was noted as a golden period for Palermo mainly due to the time period before the Palermo Civil War (September 2012).

Palermo Civil WarEdit

Wson joined the protests against Jack from 11/14/12 - 11/18/12, where on 11/19/12 he was one of the ones to go to Castle Palermo the day of the shootings. He was appointed King of Sunset-Palermo during the Palermo Civil War, where Griffin Squad reportively had taken Palermo as a Province joined with Blocks.

He fought in various attacks on the Communist homeland afterwards until December 28th, 2012, where the Civil War ended in rebel victory. 

Later daysEdit

He was appointed Emperor of Palermo by Sunsshines during the 2013 Conquests as part of attempting to keep Palermo as a stable body, however, this failed and his regime was mainly led by Sunsshines. He later retired from Emperor and the rest of his days he remained as a Citizen of Palermo until he quit in March 2015. 

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