City of Waterton
Group Palermonian Empire
Mayor Electing
Minister(s) Electing
Population Around 36
Average Visitors per Week 200+
Founder Sunsshines
Maximum Size Under Sunsshines
Incorporated April 2014

Waterton is a progressing City that is experiencing a deep depression because of The Spacegang Revolt.

Waterton has been named a very nice looking Victorian City and is currently progressing itself to make the place better for Citizens.

According to Spacegang, who built part of the City, it has been "made into trash" all because Sunsshines leads it, and has refused multiple offers to have the City under his rule rather put by Sunsshines himself.

Currently Waterton is progressing many things, and as of 4/28/14, trying to establish a decent base to work on building a bigger, better City from so they will survive the move from Palermonian Rule to what ever the new Empire will be.

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