The loss of a ROBLOX user is an event described to be when a ROBLOX user either quits ROBLOX, is deleted, or mysteriously disappears permanantly. The event happens to all ROBLOXians eventually and it is described as ROBLOX's version of death. Some users consider it the "death of a ROBLOX character," except this is usually not permanant unless you are IP Banned.

Average Time for this to happenEdit

The average user lasts aprox. 1 years and a few months before quitting, however, some users have lasted until 4 and most uncommonly, 7 years.

Pressure WarfareEdit

Warfare in attempt to force this event to happen is considered to be "Stress War" or "Pressure War." This warfare type is usually featured by extreme amounts of drama, flaming, etc., to the highest points possible until the user quits permanantly. Users who preform this type of warfare are often hated to the most extreme or disrespected due to their methods of "victory" against their enemies.

An example of Pressure Warfare is the 11/19/12 war, or the conquests of Sunsshines in some battles. The biggest known Pressure Warfare in ROBLOX history was the Palermo Civil War, with around 60 - 200 users lost as a result.

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