United Command
Government Coalition
Capital None
Notable For Former Largest Coalition on ROBLOX
Empire Current Expansion Over 50.
Empire Maximum Expansion Over 50.
Maximum Groups Annexed  ?
Maximum Population 150,000+
Foundation 2013
Reincorporated into new group 2015 (United Command)
 The United Command, or often considered, the Palermonian Coalition, or simply, The Coalition, is an alliance on ROBLOX which formerly held the title of the largest Coalitionary force on ROBLOX. It was as well a key ally to the Palermonian Imperium.


Traces of the Palermonian Coalition go all the way back to the Old Palermo's state project, which was to let groups be States of Palermo with their own flags, armies, and leaders. This project went defunct, however, at the beginning of the Palermo Civil War. The Palermonian Coalition, as was its original name, was inititally created by Sunsshines sometime in early to mid 2013 by the Palermo 4th Empire in order to contain allies and influences along with vassals (which were later separated then later disbanded as they were conquered by the Empire). The Evil Regime Coalition later mainly disbanded and divided upon the fall of the Evil Regime in Feburary 2014. 

The Coalition was refounded in 2014 by Sunsshines and multiple other groups to fight multiple wars on going at the time, and eventually the Coalition grew into an influential and powerful force in 2015, easily being one of the largest Coalitions on the face of ROBLOX. The Coalition under went a name change to Presidum Confederacy at the considered, "peak of Palermonian power," by Sunsshines and multiple others. The Coalition eventually under went a final renaming to the United Command by LordShadow19 of FEAR in an attempt to make a separate Coalitionary force directly for F.E.A.R's control over the Super Clan world, however, both forces operated with the same armies and were essentially the same Union. F.E.A.R's Coalition is considered the successor to the Palermo Coalition.

The Union held the title of the largest Coalitionary force in ROBLOX history in 2015, however, after the fall of the Palermo Empire, the Coalition lost several of its numbers, and eventually went back down to 75,000 in total population.

While the Palermonian Coalition, it was often considered the sphere of influence to the Palermonian Imperium, although little control is actually held or demonstrated since the loss of Sunsshines.

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