Trophic Legion
Leader Sunsshines, OGDrax
Government Colony of Imperia
Capital Waterton
Empire Current Expansion Colony of Imperia
Empire Maximum Expansion 2 (Empire of Palermonians and Trophic Legion)
Maximum Groups Annexed Colony of Imperia
Maximum Population 5538
Became Palermonian Empire, Trophic Legion
Foundation 4/25/14

The Trophic Legion under Sunsshines was a temporary clan under Sunsshines that was planned to become a clan that featured "more freedoms to the members" and "one rank which would be elected every few months." There was also a plan to feature a rank for those who want to be part with the group, however don't want to fight.


Sunsshines gained power in the regime under unknown reasoning, but during his regime, it was claimed to be a colony of Imperia.

Sunsshines had developed a plan for TL which it would have remained under the title of Colony, however it would have ran itself and their plan was to keep running itself until Imperia fell, where it could be given independence fully by hope.

Sunsshines' plan for TL was progressing quite well in his eyes and the HRs of TL were reportively having hope in the new leadership, until on 4/27/14 Sunsshines was reportively betrayed by Kazdam and Cysira was granted power again, which Cysira destroyed the new leadership and reverted everything to as it was in the past.

A rebellion was attempted to be formed shortly after, but had lost most of its power, and eventually the revolt collapsed, leaving Cysira victorious.

The Colony of Imperia over TL eventually collapsed or was bought out, and TL's hands transferred into ownership of an Empress, gaining its independence. The PI offered, in a friendly manner, to buy TL, however, the deal fell through, and did not succeed. Palermo made no further attempts to gain TL back.


TL is often used as an example of Palermonian Imperialism.