War Name The Spacegang Revolt - The April Revolution
Date Occurred 4/27/14 - 4/29/14 (Official)
Side 1: Palermonian Empire (Until 4/29/14), TRC
Side 2 Country of Remia (Redwood)
Side 3 Unknown
Winner: Side 1
Result Fall of the Palermonian Empire
Users Lost No Users quit due to this war

This is an article about a ROBLOX War

The Spacegang Revolt was a claimed Revolution without violance, featuring peaceful protesting and dividing, along with much arguing and drama.

The Revolt was part of the after effects of the TRUA Invasion of Palermo, a goal hoped to become true by the TRUA Leaders such as BearClawChrislatin5. 

The original goal of Bear was to destroy Palermo because he wanted to take his emotions about his girl friend, Whiterose23, breaking up with him somewhere, or put it onto somebody, and rather then just being a strong person, he decided like a weakling to take it out on Palermo.

The war was so stressful that literally both sides are beginning to divide all over the place, originally it was just Utgard and TRUA, but by now the Palermonian Empire was having divisions as well. The divisions were due to Spacegang trying to take advantage of the stressful situation so he can have ultimate power over the Palermonian Empire and have rule in it.

His excuse however is that he is "tired of our rule". What really did happen is he rage quit because of Hehoo then randomly unfriended his most loyal of Palermo friends, in a dictator like fashion, now holding a peaceful revolution, only having power because of the war with Utgard.

The war ended after the whole conflict was dropped as the Palermonian 5th Empire reincorporated.

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