The Robloxian Coalition
Leader Kazdam (Owner), Sunsshines (Acting Commander)
Government Colony
Capital Imperia, Lake Palermo
Empire Current Expansion Transferred to the Palermonian Imperium
Empire Maximum Expansion 100+
Maximum Groups Annexed 100+
Maximum Population 2,500+
Became Palermonian Imperium
Foundation 4/30/14
Dissolution 5/2/14?
Reincorporated into new group 5/2/14?
Fall 5/2/14?

For the Palermo during the Spacegang Revolt, which came before this, click here.

The Robloxian Coalition, or the Palermonian 5th Empire, was a clan founded after the Palermonian Empire did a trade with Imperia saying that Imperia would get a group named Imperia in return the position of the co-rulers of TRC was given to the Palermonians. TRC is noted for being one of the beginning stages for the Palermonian Imperium, and laying the groundwork for it.


The remnants of Palermo moved to TRC and part of the deal was that if TRC became super active independence would be granted, and so for most of TRC's life, TRC was working for activity. This was cut short, however, after Sunsshines was exiled by Kazdam as Imperia broke their side of the deal supposedly. The Robloxian Coalition was then abandoned as the former members moved onto the Palermonian Imperium.

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