War Name 1/17/15 Revolution
Date Occurred 1/17/15?
Side 1: Palermonian Imperium, Palermonian Provisional Government, SI (Unofficially), TRUA (Unofficially)
Side 2 Eastern Palermonian Imperium, SI Rebels (Unofficially), EAPD (Unofficially)
Side 3 '
Winner: Side 1
Result Eventual collapse of the Palermonian Imperium and reincorporation into the PPG, severed relationships with TRUA and SI
Users Lost 1?

This is an article about a ROBLOX War The 1/17/15 Revolt was a revolution against the Imperial Government in the Palermonian Empire caused by multiple factors. It ended in a government victory.

Cause and FactorsEdit

Earlier in December 2014, a number of army officials including former H-COM and Prime Minister ROBLOXBloxxerDJL had rallied a bunch of the Low Ranking Army officials in the Empire and had them arrested, along with killing a few of them.

This sparked quite a few hatred comments and eventually SI fell into a Civil War itself, which raised tensions even more. Eventually one of the ex-HR's made a threat to commit suicide due to Palermo's conditions and a ton more in real life factors, which caused a huge fight over the Palermo Skype Division regarding her being legitimate or not along with a fight over other conflicts such as the previous SI Civil War.

Around 1/16/15, a few of the Colonies, primarily SDR and SEF, succeeded from the Palermonian Empire and formed the Eastern Palermonian Empire which entered a status of Civil War against the Palermonian Empire.

The war never succeeded far enough to have any official battles, however, after a gathering between high ranking officials of both groups at Castle Palermo II, an Imperial Government fortress, the Civil War was offically ended and unrecognized. SDR and SEF were later forced to rejoin the Empire.

This conflict eventually led to the Palermo Empire collapsing and converting to the PPG for a short period of time.

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