War Name Sunsshines' Conquests
Date Occurred March 2013 - April 4th, 2015 (Officially ended February 2014, fighting did not seis until April 4th, 2015)
Side 1: Empire of Lake Palermo (2013), Griffin Squad (2013 - 2014), Forestary (2014), Palermonian Imperium (2014 - 2015), Supreme Initiative (Until 2015), FEAR (After SI)
Side 2 Unknown
Side 3 EAPD, TRUA, UMA (Until 2014), Griffin Squad (Until June 2013), Versovia (Until June 2013), Athia (Until June 2013 aprox.), SRDR in exile (until 2014?), about 100 other groups.
Winner: Treaty in April 4th, 2015
Result Fall of every single participant on Side 3 except EAPD and TRUA, several temporary dissolutions of the Palermo Empire, creation and growth of the Palermo Empire to be an eventual ROBLOX power.
Users Lost 100+ (Estimated)

This is an article about a ROBLOX War

The 2013 Wars were wars caused by Sunsshines in order to liberate Palermo, originally, from the mess of the 11/19/12 war.

Causes and WarfareEdit

The war is said to have begun towards the end of the SR war with Sunsshines being super mad at all of the ROBLOX Communists due to 11/19/12 and the war caused by it.

His conquests begun with him brutally taking control of multiple groups and brutally oppressing them (in the process destroying Versovia). All attempted uprisings and rebellions were crushed. He soon invaded Griffin Squad with an army 3 times larger then theirs and ultimately destroyed Communist Griffin Squad and caused the formation of an Imperialist Puppet State of Palermo in its place.

He continued brutally destroying many groups and annexing them into the Palermo Empire (using multiple methods, hacking, bullying, invasion, raids, etc., anything possible) until he decided to stop around late 2013 in which he then focused on making the Empire "more free" and "better for everybody to be in."

By this time, he conquered over 100 different groups and merged them into the Palermo Empire, much of which still remain part of the Palermonian Imperium to this day. Revolts, riots, etc., at his new City of Lake Palermo were common in attempt to restore the former groups but often were crushed due to him deploying the Palermo Army and having all the rebels slaughtered and exiled. He did often ask why they were rebelling before doing this however and attempted to fix any internal problems if he could, but he did not tolerate succession movements or when riots got out of hand.

Palermo made enemies with many various groups due to Palermo destroying many groups and rupturing various alliances. TRUA had been made an enemy due to the SR War (which links back to 11/19/12 as GalenLP's goal was to unite all ex-Civil War groups), same of UMA. EAPD had been made an enemy because of TRUA. 

The war continued on and off in raids and such for 2 years until what many call "Victory Day" which is on April 4th, 2015, when Sunsshines made an actual treaty that lasted between TRUA and the Palermonian Imperium, which permanantly ended the war once and for all. Fighting has seised mostly since then, however, from time to time EAPD is terrorist attacked due to their actions against the Palermonian Imperium. The Empire claims no responsibility towards this.