Royal House of Palermo
Flag of Palermo
Current Head PlayerHasJoined
Founder Sunsshines
Notable Member Sunsshines

The Sunsshines' Regime refers to the HR's and over all Government set up within several groups, the biggest of which being the Palermonian Imperium, that served under Emperor Sunsshines from March 2013 to May 4th, 2015. It is often refered to as the Sunsshines' Regime or the House of Palermo. The House was formed in succession to the 2009 group owners of Sunset and various other groups which later formed Palermo, and in succession to the Palermo Communist Movement.

The House later reincorporated to the Imp Regime in 2015 following the retirement of Sunsshines. The Sunsshines' Regime led one of the biggest periods of Palermo's history, the Palermonian Imperium.

List of Former Members (Prior to Imp becoming Emperor)Edit

Known Members of the House
Name Title Gained Lost Cause of Loss
Sunsshines Emperor of Palermo August 2012 May 2015 Retired
PlayerHasJoined Emperor of Palermo May 2015
Wson Emperor of Palermo November 2012 2013 Retired
Meadowstar01 Senator, Sister of Sunsshines, Royal Family August 2012 Retired
PirateDragons Senator, Brother of Sunsshines, Royal Family August 2012 Retired
Joe5132 Supreme General of Palermo 2013 2015 Retired
ROBLOXBloxxerDJL General of Palermo, Senator After 11/19/12 Retired
Spacegang Leader in Palermo 2013 2014 Exiled
BearClawChrislatin5 Emperor of Palermo 2013 2013 Exiled
Swagshawtyer Royalty, Senator 2014 2015 Retired
BluHummingbird Royalty, Senator 2014 Retired
SimplyDeleted Senator 2015
TheWildKing Senator 2014?

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