Sunsshines the I
Sunsshines as he appeared in 2015.
Main Title Emperor of Palermo
Secondary Title Head of the Palermonian Imperium
Third Title Chancellor of Galvanic Legion
Join Date 9/16/2012
Type Palermonian
Cause of loss Real life problems
Quit 5/4/15

Sunsshines, also known as Sunsshines the 1st, Sunsshines the ISunsshines the Founder, or just, Sunss, was the first Emperor of the Palermo Empire from March 2013 until May 4th, 2015, where he retired from Emperor. His successor was PlayerHasJoined.

Beginning Edit

Sunsshines' start is conspiratorial, many claims and proof leading to him  actually being Wh1tetip, leader of Blocks, however, others deny this. Sunsshines himself has made multiple unproven claims according to sources about his past, but for sure it is known he was around in 2011.

Palermo KingdomEdit

Sunsshines became King of Sunset around August 2012. He began building his Empire shortly after by unifying with APA then attacking Blocks. His military conquest eventually led to the foundation of a Palermo Colony, in which he used to later over throw the Sunset Monarchy and form the Kingdom of Palermo.

Sunsshines made the Kingdom to be a Community group styled off of Blocks using the Texas Flag but rather then a solid white and red block, he used the American stripes. His Kingdom was styled off of a Republic but using the titles of King, Prime Minister, etc., which Prime Minister was elected while he monitored everything.

Sources say this was his golden era on ROBLOX, and claims say that Palermo in his rule was one of the most fair and fun groups on ROBLOX, consisting of mature users who were all friends that liked to build together and were all tough. His group often was described as a "boat group" and "the new Blocks."

His Kingdom made most of the people who knew about it jealous, as a result this is where conflict started to arise. 

Palermo Civil WarEdit

According to sources (conspiratorial topic), around 11/14/1,2 Jack0414, the newly elected Prime Minister, over took the Palermo Kingdom's Government and formed the CSNP, or Communist Palermo.

It is said Sunsshines' was deposed of his position as King around this time according to local legend amongst the group and people involved, however, sources say that Jack offered Sunsshines' the position of Dictator to Sunsshines, however, he declined then retired his position as King.

Sources say around this time Sunsshines' was neutral and thought that Jack might bring a better era to Palermo then he (Sunsshines) previously did.

Upon the outbreak of the Palermo Civil War in 11/19/12, Sunsshines stood off to the side and watched the Castle Palermo shootings take place, later he joined the rebellion after the shootings as Jack began to destroy the Castle and trash everybody's stuff of the involved.

Sunsshines became a Sunset-Palermo general at that time and fought throughout the entire of the war. He watched his friends slowly disappear from ROBLOX, including the consiratorial Sunset-Palermo General GenCaik, Jaysrock20, and a few others.

Upon the collapse of Communist Palermo in December 28th, 2012, it is said Sunsshines' had a light go off or something in his head and it is said around this time that he changed from his previous ways. Sunsshines had become a lot more angry, dramatical, and more of an Imperialist.

At the end of the war, Sunsshines became King of Sunset-Palermo which later as a result of the GS Invasion of Palermo converted to Medieval Palermo. Sunsshines' Kingdom converted back into a modern era group in Early 2013 due to the SRDR Invasion of Blocks.

Around Jan 2013, SR invaded Palermo after the conquest of Blocks was complete and fully occupied it. Sunsshines was placed into exile at this point, and would remain so until the revolution led by MiguelAttack resulted in the liberation of the former State of Palermo which was created from the former Palermo Kingdom by GalenLP himself.

Sunsshines, as general, formed a rebel Coalition from the rebel occupied South Robloxian State and led an army to eventually over throw GalenLP's Empire

With the combined forces of the Palermo Rebels, TRUA, other rebels, and separatists from the former ROBLOXian Union which dissolved around March 2013, eventually South Robloxia collapsed and in May 2013 SR was defeated upon the Palermo Invasion of New SR City, SR's Capital City which had been previously fortified in March due to the Palermonian Revolution however not captured until the indefinant fall of South Robloxia in May.

The fall of GalenLP's rule led to the end of the Palermo Civil War according to most sources as it was later linked that, despite GalenLP's invasion of the former Communist State Versovia, that SR was influence and perhaps even led by former Communist Palermo officials.

Palermo EmpireEdit

Upon the end of South Robloxia, Sunsshines re-established Palermo's Kingdom for a temporary time until, out of anger, he proclaimed the Palermo Empire in 2013 that month. Sources claim this to be the 4th Empire, the 1st being the pre-war Kingdom, the second being Medieval, and the third being the rebels against SR and the post-SR state before the Empire formed.

Sunsshines carried the title of King until later even that was turned into Emperor in 2013. Sunsshines at this time was described as very angry, depressed, manipulative, etc., and in June 2013 the Palermo Empire invaded 60 different groups (the same number of claimed quit users due to the Palermo Civil War) then invaded multiple other groups.

The invasions led to many people being pushed so far that they left the game and some of which went even further then that, over 1,000 people being drained of everything, the rise of Lake Palermo, etc.

This period in time of the 4th Empire was called "the evil regime," or the "4th Empire Days," or, "2013 Palermo." Sunsshines' Empire grew to a massive extent alone possessing over 1,000 members from its previous 60 due to the conquests and complete oppression and take over of over 100 groups.

Lake Palermo became a hit to the Personal Server world and became the most powerful City on ROBLOX. Palermo's Empire under Sunsshines was one of the most powerful Personal Server groups in ROBLOX history.

Sunsshines' was often attempted to be beaten by bullies and stalkers due to the wars, him struggling with this ever since the end of 11/19/12, and the more that happened the more groups were to fall as he usually dealt with it by utterly oppressing those user(s) and brutally destroying every single group they were in and did not stop until they surrendered and joined him as what some call "slaves," although he considered them "fair Citizens."

The 4th Empire Days ended in Feb. 2014 after the Palermo Empire collapsed into a Civil War, which he became leader of Forestary. Sunsshines decided to drop the Empire stuff at this point and wished for a nice community back, and so he attempted to rebuild Old Palermo as some call it into a new form.

Sunsshines was still very powerful and feared despite the war pushing his control to only one 100 person group. Around this time was the so called "end" of the DUSE-Palermo Cold War. Many groups were trying to oppress and destroy Palermo at this time, including East Amherst Police Dept. (EAPD), TRUA, etc., some of which, such as TRUA, being former allies.

Huge Depression of PalermoEdit

According to sources, Palermo entered a deep depression after Forestary was eventually deleted by the moderators and Sunsshines' being IP Banned for a week without any apparent reason, and no moderator note was left behind. This was often called the 5th Empire period, although the Palermo 5th Empire was not the only form of Palermo in this depression.

Sunsshines at this time felt incredibly sorry for his actions in 2013 and wished to help fix the damage he caused by firstly reviving Palermo back to the Old Palermo (although sources say he was already regretting his actions back in 2013 itself and said that "it was going to happen anyway no matter if I was here or not, and its best that I take the damage rather then anybody else, for Palermo in the hands of the wrong person could do damage far greater then even believed."

The depression ended after the fall of TRC and after a short period of reviving the 5th Empire, the formation of the Palermonian Imperium in June 2014.

"The New Empire"Edit

In June 2014 Sunsshines set out to end East Amherst after the depression ended which he often said that "EAPD and TRUA both had caused." He established Palermo - SAS that same month and eventually ended the war with EAPD in an unofficial victory, causing EAPD to fall into a Civil War over the war the following day.

He continued to grow the Imperium eventually reaching over 13,000 members, and including influences, reaching over 100,000 members. He actively went through the 4th Empire's gains and attempted to revive them as groups and he often tried to give people stuff "previously destroyed" back to them, this often included even at times making victims of the 2013 wars into High Ranks.

Various wars ended his reconstruction process along with internal conflict in SAS due to High Ranks arguing with themselves over superiority. It eventually ended in Sunsshines demoting everybody and yelling at them to "stop arguing and look around."

Eventually a new EAPD war begun in 2015 which went on until April 2015 officially. The war was featured by many hacker attacks and DDOS attacks along with high tension and high amounts of flame. It got so bad that it was attempted that over 2,000 people be DDOSed by EAPD. It is unknown how many were effected by the war, but it was over 10 people being DDOSed.

During the war, he addressed the Second In Command and Represenative for EAPD with this;

"Warfare is not just a stupid online sport that resembles reality, warfare is any form of attack back and forth between two or more individuals, and warfare is not limited to one area, warfare is present everywhere whether obvious or not, and there is no such thing as a winner in warfare, never has been, and never will be."

Sunsshines the 1st


In May 4th, 2015, Sunsshines retired from Emperor because the war with EAPD calmed down a bit and he had only one month left to spend with either his friends and others in the real world or to spend fighting on ROBLOX. His last words were respected due to him saying it just before his leaving purely to argue with most of the Clan World regarding how they treated their Low Ranks;

"Every person is like an ever changing flower. Without any thorns, the flower is easily picked, eaten, etc., while with too many it is ugly. It is not hard to find a flower with just the right combo, but often they are hidden by other plants or other flowers.

It all really depends how willing you are to look for a good flower or not in the end, and with the thought of it being impossible in the end means you simply are not looking well enough. Are you 


                                                                                                       - Sunsshines the 1st

His leaving was followed by great saddness, some of the Palermo members saying that "there won't be another person like him for a long time to come." His successor was PlayerHasJoined the 1st.

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