Sunset - Palermo Republic
Leader King Wson
Government Country-RP Republic
Capital Lake Palermo
Empire Current Expansion Reincorporated, eventually became PI.
Empire Maximum Expansion 5+
Maximum Groups Annexed 5+?
Maximum Population 80+ (Main Group)
Became Palermo 2nd Empire
Foundation 11/19/12
Reincorporated into new group 12/30/12 - Early 2013

Sunset - Palermo was a rebellion against the CSNP forming in 11/19/12 out of Sunset and existing until around December 30th, 2012. It was the prime rebellion, led by Wson and Prime Minister Sunsshines.

As soon as the 11/19/12 war ended, Sunset-Palermo reincorporated into a temporary group under the same name and flag until around December 30th when it reincorporated into Medieval Palermo.

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