South Robloxia Democratic Republic (SR, SRDR)
Leader GalenLP
Government Clan, Republic, Empire, Democracy
Capital New SR City
Empire Current Expansion 0
Empire Maximum Expansion 10+
Maximum Groups Annexed 10+
Maximum Population 100+
Became Palermonian Empire
Foundation 2013
Dissolution Before May 2013
Fall May 2013?

South Robloxia, or SRDR, was a Republican based group that existed with the flag of Texas only the blue part was green and the Red/White was Blue, with a ROBLOX Shield in the center of the blue.

SRDR is often referred too as the Nazi Germany of ROBLOX, it wasn't that bad, however it acted as Nazi's did in Warfare, being that they got a powerful group, tried to go Empire, held some groups for a while, then eventually collapsed by allied forces.

Rise of an Empire, Conquests, and Top PowerEdit

The 1st City of Robloxia was a group of over 44 members which dominated the Personal Server list. It had often 100's of visits a day, and was rapid at growth.

The dead remains of the group is on Waternia's profile. SRDR came to power when the 1st City divided into a Civil War, originally it beginning by Officers and Citizens getting into a shoot out with Sniper Rifles and average Rifles. GalenLP was the original Mayor of the City at the time, he named his side South Robloxia.

SRDR gained independence and let the City's PBS rot while the 1st City Government broke up into a bunch of little groups.

GalenLP was the dominate power of the Civil War, he then expanded and conquered all of the former City of Robloxia groups, and held influence over Bloxia.

A rising power, he formed an alliance called the Robloxian Union, he then preceeded to build a plan to unite all Communist and Palermonian groups into one massive Empire.

This plan was put into progress. He formed diplomacy with the Ericain Empire and SUAOR/Aurenia, he then with his new allies attacked Blocks.

Griffin Squad moved in to attack South Robloxia, SR at this time had a growing Robloxian Union of a Union of groups, or as said, a mini BTMpire.

Griffin Squad surrendered the last battle of Blocks, which Blocks was then annexed by South Robloxia. The 2nd Palermo Empire moved in to attack South Robloxia, SR took over the State of Lightica, Lacerta, and Sunset.

South Robloxia then finished it by conquering the main group. SR now at this time brang over 10+ to a server on average, its skill level was low however. This was its top point in time when the most power was held, it having Cities like New SR and Personal Servers for recruiting.

Decline and Fall of the EmpireEdit

A week into owning Palermo, protesting began and soon riots with rebellion. Miguelattack and Sunsshines lead the first attacks on the SRDR, winning suprizingly.

Things began to go into chaos with the SR Empire. Part of TRUA and the Palermonians united as the Robloxian Union and SR prepared for a massive war.

SUAOR put allied support into the SR campaign on Palermo and TRUA, while attacking all on, against TRUA. SRDR was loosing its expansion, eventually it lost the main group to rebel leaders, and it lost its expansion over the City of Robloxia.

SRDR still held the Bloxia Territory, Lightica, Lacerta, Blocks, and SR itself while SUAOR and TRUA were engaged in a war.

The Robloxian Union's Alliance suffered as well, Ericain left and joined the Palermonian Coalition, later incorporated into a group by BearClawChrislatin5.

SRDR eventually looses Lightica, Lacerta, and Sunset, only holding Bloxia and SR, loosing its City of Robloxia territories. Blocks gained independence on its own via abandonment.

The Palermonian 4th Empire had risen above SRDR, this marking the end of the Southern Robloxian Democratic Republic, forming the New SR City State which existed until later invasion by the Palermo Empire.

The Robloxian Union collapsed into a bunch of little groups. The RU's groups were later conquered by outside forces including Coalition members themselves, thus ending Southern Robloxian Rule and beginning a great decline.

Fall of New SREdit

The Palermo Empire had taken away all of South Robloxia's allies, States, and Military. SRDR was weak, the Palermonian 4th Empire reigned.

Finally, SR had lost all control over all but New SR itself, just a place. Bloxia had partially granted independence and the other side had joined Palermo, and SR was being invaded.

And now, finally, after long work, around May 2013, New SR's final invasion began. A wall in this time was built around New SR by GalenLP.

Palermonian Forces captured New Waternia as they charged towards the wall, using New Waternia as cover to shoot from.

New SR Police Forces gathered on the wall to be eliminated as the Palermonians progressed, destroying all SR related Statues and later the New SR Town Hall.

It was then Palermonian occupied, as Palermonian troops stood in the center of New SR, some taking screenshots of them on top of the SR Statue's head, some in the ruins of the Town Hall. This marked the fall of SR, and beginning of occupation.

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