Small does not mean weak is the old motto of Palermo under Sunsshines and Imp.


The origins of the motto began at November 19th, 2012, after the Battle at Castle Palermo. Jack came to Sunsshines, backed up by GS and IL, and said, "You may either stay independent, or join the Communist cause. You would become a liberal republic and GS/IL will stop mobilizing against Palermo if you join our cause."

The choice, in other words, was that Palermo stay independent and be invaded by Griffin Squad and IL or that they put Jack back in power and convert Palermo to a liberal republic. Sunsshines held a vote regarding the matter in Palermo. There was a 100% vote to fight Jack and to stay independent.

Palermo's size compared to GS though was tiny, 70 people against over 3,000 in numbers (until RAM joined Palermo in the war in December.) The motto was a battle cry from here on while fighting Griffin Squad, thus its origins. It was probably first shouted by Wson.

Change the Motto ArgumentEdit

There has been long arguments regarding changing the motto of Palermo to something else, however, Sunsshines, while still in power, refused due to its origins in the Palermo Civil War. Once Imp was in power, he considered it however does not know what to change it too.

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