SS Britannia "Old Pal"
SS Britannia
During rebuild, 2015
Nickname Old Pal
Builder Old Palermo
Construction Started August 2012
Completed Never fully completed
Fate Memorial to 11/19/12
The S.S Britannia is a ROBLOXian ocean liner built in August 2012 by Old Palermo. It has been recognized as one of the last remaining fully-intact relics of Old Palermo aside from 1 other ship. There are 4 ships in total remaining from Old Palermo however 2 of the 4 are damaged. She is currently, even to this day, the biggest ship Palermo has ever built.


The ship was planned in August 2012 by Sunsshines and other Palermonian Sailors to be the largest ship in Palermo. Her construction began in August 2012 and according to research, it was guessed that she was going to be styled after the SS United States.

Work on her was on and off according to sources and multiple times Palermo attempted to sell the ship for around 10 robux, however, no buyers came up. Her construction was haulted due to the 11/19/12 conflict and did never resume until later.

In May 2015, on the final days of Sunsshines' time on ROBLOX, the ship was re-discovered and she was decided to become the biggest floating memorial on ROBLOX. Construction on her began around 5/24/15 and her designated site is at the City of Lightica where she will become a museum to the 11/19/12 war.


She was planned to be a large passenger ship that was to be welded and added to Lake Palermo. According to studies, she did not have a deep enough draft for the ROBLOX water at the time, however, might have one now, but won't be floating in ROBLOX water due to plans to become a museum.

She could've easily fit over the entire server within her if she were to sail. She had only 2 passenger rooms completed aside from the deck and bridge.

In her refit, the ship was gutted entirely and the bridge was partially removed along with the facade of the superstructure on the ship then everything was rebuilt in a new manner. A piece of the stern was also removed and rebuilt at a later date. She currently is still undergoing reconstruction into a museum.

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