War Name Palermonian Revolution
Date Occurred Mid 2013, March?
Side 1: Palermo Rebels
Side 2 South Robloxia (Until mid-war), State of Palermo (Until mid-war), State of New SR
Side 3 Unknown
Winner: Palermo Rebels
Result Rebels gain governmental control over South Robloxia. SR is put back under Palermonian rule.
Users Lost No Users quit due to this war

This is an article about a ROBLOX War

The SRDR Civil War was a war that occurred resulting in the fall of the South Robloxian Empire/South Robloxian Democratic Republic, and Palermonian rule in South Robloxia.

The war began with protest then a revolution in the State of Palermo. South Robloxia responded by trying to destroy the rebellion, which it was failing at.

The State forces were lost mid time into the revolution, at this time the SRDR Military was in decline, eventually the revolution led to SRDR being reduced to only New SR left, as the Palermonian Military occupied the rest of its former territory.

The war's end was official after Palermonian forces marched into New SR and annexed it. South Robloxia later became a Palermonian Province, and was never independent afterwards.

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