A ROBLOX Region is an area on where groups or users influence each other a certain way that makes it in one way or another stand out from the rest of ROBLOX.

There is 100's of ROBLOX Regions, some within other regions, including the Clan World (which has 100's of ROBLOX Regions located within it), Forumers, etc.

"These aren't real"Edit

If it wasn't real then the proof is take a look at the Clan World (War Groups), and Guests. See that major difference? That is what defines a ROBLOX Region. Its a word to help describe certain influences and groups on ROBLOX.

Another comparison;

People who forum at C&G and people who forum at LMAD. See another difference? Those are regions within a region, Forumers. They all have a similar thing, which is the want to troll, yet key differences, such as Guns vs Money Makers.

Let's Make a Deal Forumers are the LMAD Region on ROBLOX, C&G is part of the Clan World Region on ROBLOX, and the Forums are the Forumers Region on ROBLOX.

You can get where this page is heading at now. Its a classification to help define areas on ROBLOX better.

Comparing Regions

Title | Often Called

Guests | Noobs

New Users | Noobs

Groups | Clan World

Traders | LMaD

Palermo influence | Palermo

Again, to give proof: See the list above? for The Palermo Influence, its region is Palermo. For Guests, there region is Noobs, for Groups, there region is the Clan World. That's ROBLOX Regions.

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