PlayerHasJoined the 1st
Main Title Emperor of the Palermo Empire
Secondary Title Head of the Palermonian Imperium
Third Title Senator of The .S.A.S.
Join Date 7/10/09
Type Palermonian

PlayerHasJoined, or PlayerHasJoined the 1st, or simply, Imp, is the 2nd and current Emperor of the Palermo Empire and the Palermonian Imperium. 


Imp joined around 2010 under an unknown name, however, he most often went by ImperialGamerIG in 2012 - 2013. 

Start in PalermoEdit

He became a Citizen of Lake Palermo around 2013 during the Sunsshines Regime and shortly after the end of the main portion of the 2013 Conquests. He was often labeled as goofy and often was arrested for innappropriate behavior. 

He joined the Imperial Palermo Army around September 2013 and served from then. He became a Senator of Palermo during the Palermo-SAS regime.

End of Sunsshines' Regime and rise to being EmperorEdit

The end of the Sunsshines Regime resulted in Imp being appointed as Emperor of the Palermo Empire on 5/4/15. His reaction to the loss of Sunsshines was saddness and he often focused further then on progress and rebuilding Lake Palermo's former Personal Server Empire. 

Chaos and DisorderEdit

Following the final end of the Sunsshines Regime, the regime of Imp was featured by a temporary good time directly after Sunsshines' leaving then a period of chaos and disorder begun. Multiple colonies of the Palermonian Imperium, in this period of chaos, have left the Empire and/or declared independence, meanwhile an unrecognized group out of Lake Palermo (called, "New Frail"), is set on a goal to over throw the Palermo Imperial Government and establish a country RP Dictatorship.

The group has since been, at result, in mass chaos because of this. Imp has not responded and is hense called, "inactive," as the Empire continues to struggle. Recently, a Senator named TheWildKing had demoted two of the New Frail party members to Prisoner, claiming it was "an order given to him by Sunsshines," despite Sunsshines being long "gone" since the end of his regime. This was followed by arguing, with multiple other senators telling TheWildKing that "you should not be listening to a 'former HR'."

This caused multiple conspiracy theories about Sunsshines returning, as he has done in the past before. The chaos and disorder eventually calmed down after Guesbot8991 was exiled.

Dissolution of the Palermonian Imperium and rise of The Empire of PalermoEdit

Around June 2015, in order to settle down the chaos, the Palermonian Imperium peacefully dissolved and the main Palermo titles were moved to the The Empire of Palermo. The Monarchy preserved some colonies, but not all of them. This settled many arguments and preserved the peace between EAPD and TRUA.

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