A Planned State is when a group was planned and partially progressed in being created, but creation was stopped or interrupted currently by either an event, conquest, or just the project being stopped.

In other words, an example of a planned state;

- Group1 is a large Empire under Owner1

- Owner1 is forced out of power by Owner2

- Group1 is being converted into a Democratic Clan under Owner2 promising Change and Freedom

- Group1 supportive to Owner2 rather then Owner1

- Owner2 looses the group, Owner1 gets power back in the group

- Group1 returns to the same Empire it formerly was.

The example above being provided from the TL Crisis, similar happened except Cysira lost ownership and Sunsshines was attempting to grant more freedoms and fun to the clan, along with more activity and more members, but Sunsshines was booted out by Cysira from office, which later caused a failed Revolt for Sunsshines' being in leadership.

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