Palermonian Imperium
Leader Uncertain
Government Provisional Empire
Capital Lake Palermo
Empire Current Expansion 100+
Empire Maximum Expansion 100+
Maximum Population 13,000 (Main), 100,000 (Vassals)
Became Palermo - SAS, Palermo-MW, Palermo-SDR, Palermo-SEF, Palermo, Occupied Palermo, many more.
Foundation January the 21st, 2015
Dissolution January the 24th, 2015
 The Palermo Provisional Government, PPG, often referred by its old name as the Palermonian Imperium, was a Coalition/Union created to temporarily replace the Palermonian Imperium during a Civil War and a period of chaos and disorder. The Empire later dissolved due to Sunsshines attempting to leave ROBLOX, however, Sunsshines later brang it back due to EAPD attempting to invade, which it reincorporated back into the Palermonian Imperium.


The Provisional Government was planned by the eventual Prime Minister of the PPG, PlayerHasJoined and the Emperor due to a Civil War which was beginning over the Palermonian Skype Division for Rallying and Public Chat Space.

Around 1/17/15, the Empire entered a Civil War where half of its colonies succeeded and fought against each other, however, the Emperor and Prime Minister quickly re-united them. Chaos continued amongst the main Empire while the Skype Division calmed down until the Palermonian Government clearly seis to exist.

On 1/21/15, under the Emperor, the Provisional status was declared due to a lacking government for "planned reconstruction." 

On 1/24/15, Sunsshines, Emperor of the Palermonian Imperium, attempted to quit ROBLOX which resulted in the dissolution of the remainder of the Palermonian Imperium, thus ending the Palermo Empire until reunited due to an EAPD invasion.

The remaining territories were declared independent however later were re-united due to the EAPD invasion and re-annexed back into the Palermonian Imperium.

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