The Empire of Palermo
Palermo Flag
Flag under PlayerHasJoined's regime.
Leader PlayerHasJoined
Government Roleplay Country, Monarchy
Capital Libertas
Notable For The New Palermo
Empire Current Expansion 5
Empire Maximum Expansion 200+
Maximum Groups Annexed 200+
Maximum Population 150,000
Foundation June 2015
The Empire of Palermo, or simply, Palermo, is a group founded within the fall of the Palermonian Imperium, one of the largest groups in Palermo's history. It is led by PlayerHasJoined and notable for the end of the Sunsshines regime, as well as the title, "The New Palermo."


Upon the end of the Sunsshines regime, the massive Palermonian Imperium began to struggle and eventually the Empire was dissolved under Emperor PlayerHasJoined in order to focus more on the main Palermo rather then the outside colonies of Palermo (former).

The remaining colonies with the main Palermo that were left under rule by PlayerHasJoined later went through reforms, and have since been working towards reconstruction.

The New Palermo, as it is called, is the first period to have complete and total peace with all other groups related to it since the Old Palermo's regime, previously, all other sections of Palermo having a Cold-War situation or some other sort of conflict on going.

Around October 4th, 2015, with recent meetings going on regarding other stuff, GentleSonic1213 purposed the idea of Palermo converting to a Republic or a Democracy rather then a Clan-Style Monarchy. A Constitution was purposed. The idea was, however, rejected, in favor of an RP Constitutional Monarchy.

The same month, on October 24th, 2015, Palermo aquired The .S.A.S. in hopes for future projects to bring the spotlight back on Palermo. The cost was about 2,100 robux and the purchase was from Sunsshines' account. The same day, Palermo discovered an error in its history involving the Palermo Civil War.

The original story was that Jack became Dictator and there was a violent revolution to overthrow him. This was false. Jack became Dictator for one day then was exiled for corruption after 11/19/12. Jack, leading Griffin Squad and IL, then began mobilizing against Palermo for war and purposed to Palermo, "Join the Communist cause or stay independent. If you stay or do not make a choice, we will continue mobilizing." Palermo chose to stay independent and that is how the war began. The news was never announced publicly for fears of criticism by other members.

Palermo stopped its activity, unlike previous practices, for Halloween, and would resume the next Monday. This would be one of the first times that Palermo has taken a break on Halloween.


Palermo's current governing style is not of the old PI's Clan-like structure, but rather a roleplay Constitutional Monarchy similar to the United Kingdom. There is a Parliament, an elected Prime Minister, then the Emperor rank which is held by PlayerHasJoined.

In The .S.A.S., the governing body is a clan, and it is led by the Palermo Senate and the Emperor of Palermo.


Palermo has established some Colonies, and it has been said that Palermo "might some day revive the Palermonian Imperium." Here is a list;

Name Population Gained Type
The Empire of Palermo 125 June 2015 Country Group
The .S.A.S. 1900 October 2015 Clan, Capital Group
Sniper Elite Forces 400 June 2015 Holding by TEOP
Mega Wave 400 June 2015 Holding by TEOP
Total Around 2825+