Palermonian Imperium
Coat of Arms under the Sunsshines regime.
Leader PlayerHasJoined the Great
Government Empire
Capital Palermo-SAS, PI (temp.), The Empire of Palermo
Notable For Imperialism, Community-effort, Drama (only sometimes)
Empire Current Expansion Dissolved
Empire Maximum Expansion 200+
Maximum Groups Annexed 200+
Maximum Population 15,000 - 35,000+ (Main), 150,000+ (Claimed via Coalition)
Became The Empire of Palermo, Galvanic Legion, The Coalition, multiple other groups
Foundation June 2014
Dissolution June 2015?
Reincorporated into new group June 2015?

The Palermonian Imperium , or by its former name, the  Palermo-SAS Empire, was an Empire, formerly a Union of groups, under the the same rule that was created in June 14th 2014 by Sunsshines the 1st. It was effectively one of the largest groups in Palermo's history, as well with one of the largest Coalitionary forces in ROBLOX's history at its maximal extent.

The Empire dissolved around June 2015 and the main Palermo title was succeeded by The Empire of Palermo.


The Imperium was named after the Latinized name for Palermo Empire, being Palermonian Imperium, which was created during the Palermo 2013 Regime. The Empire claimed that they bare little to no resemblance with the 2013 regime and according to sources say that they wish to rebuild the massive Empire built in 2013 into a better group. Their main name is also originating after the Palermo region on ROBLOX, and The Empire of Palermo, a 100 member group which was their last designated Capital.


The Empire was founded after the effective end of the Robloxian Coalition around the previous month due to a conflict between Sunsshines, the temporary commander of TRC, and Kazdam, the Emperor of TRC.

All groups considered to be Palermo at this time was in a very deep depression ever since the fall of the 4th Empire. With around 20 loyalists of the 4th Empire remaining, they moved back into their old group (Empire of Palermonians), which originally held the Palermo 5th Empire, but now was holding the remaining loyalists formerly of the Robloxian Coalition.

Around June 2014, The remains of Lake Palermo gained a new Personal Server City named Sunset Lab. The City resulted in Palermo's population to rise to 60 people. Plans existed at this time to rebuild the Palermo Empire, and on June 14th, 2014, Sunsshines was appointed as the 1st Emperor of the Palermonian Imperium.

On June 14th, 2014, Sunsshines claim ably was given BC by a friend, which resulted in the temporary return of Lake Palermo (later to shutdown again), and the rejoining of the Empire thus resulting in the unofficial creation of the Palermonian Imperium.

Sunsshines then formed a Union of the newly regained Palermo Empire called Palermonian Imperium which was meant to compose of multiple groups under the same rule. The Union was at this time considered an Empire however because it is not composed of a Council rather a single Emperor and the Prime Minister which is democratically elected. The Council at this time was abolished due to growing corruption in Palermo.

The .S.A.S. and "creation of Palermo-SAS"Edit

The newly formed Palermonian Imperium entered a state of war with East Amherst Police around June 2014 over EAPD mass-bullying Hehoo a few months earlier during the regime of Forestary which resulted in Forestary victory, this was the attempt by EAPD to end the successor of Forestary and bring an end to Sunsshines' Regime.

Palermo responded by rebuilding a large army and eventually taking over SAS via buying official ownership from the ex-owner around June 26th, 2014. Palermo reformed SAS temporarily then moved out of its old group and into SAS, which it remained in ever since. The Palermonian Imperium at this time was at 1.2k members.

The Palermo-SAS Empire's claimed peak begun after an invasion of Inton, leading to victory, soon the invasion of EAPD proved the Empire's strength, starting with the Battle of Silverstorm, which lasted 2 hours and resulted in 400 deaths on SAS's team and 700 deaths on EAPD's team, the battle of which ended in Palermonian victory.

The .S.A.S.
Leader Sunsshines
Government Empire
Capital None
Empire Current Expansion 100+
Empire Maximum Expansion 100+
Maximum Groups Annexed 100+
Maximum Population 2000+
Foundation 6/26/14

Military victories and growth continued as the Empire continued to grow in diplomacy and size along with strength. Palermo-SAS grew in allies as the second EAPD-Palermo war went on in Palermonian success, soon the Empire annexed Team Jayden into its rule, boosting the Palermonian Imperium's population to over 2000 members, gradually growing to one of the strongest groups on ROBLOX at the time.

Decline and ReconstructionEdit

The Empire eventually annexed Animal Empire into the Union, which was merged with the Team Jayden colony. This was probably the height of Palermonian power, despite it not being the maximal member count nor maximal extent.

The Empire continued the grow, eventually annexing ROBLOX Army Union (RAU) and Mega Wave into the Empire, thus granting 4,200 member too the population, however, the Empire eventually haulted in growth after military campaigns ended due to internal conflicts within the Empire.

The Empire remained static until it lost Team Jayden in a coup d'eat, resulting in its population turning too 3,200.

The Palermonian Imperium remained static until it eventually annexed a few more groups in Late 2014 along with turning Galvanic Legion into an influence and gaining vassals which comprised of over 100,000 people at this time, while the main Imperium after these gains had about 13,000 people officially.

The Empire entered gradual decline however in January 2015 after a lost war with a rebellious territory in the Empire. Elections for Prime Minister eventually haulted as the Empire entered a temporary Civil War around January 17th, 2015, which resulted in government victory.

The Imperium entered a status of chaos, inactivity, disorder, etc., around late January 2015. Eventually the Palermonian High Command (HCOM, HR's, Government) dissolved, in which it was replaced by a Provisional Status of the Empire itself.

The Provisional Status lasted a few weeks before the Empire re-incorporated due to an EAPD invasion, which failed due to EAPD leaving the war thus rendering it unofficial.

The Empire began immediate reconstruction and appointed new High Ranks. SAS at this time grew to 2000+ people and the Empire began to recover internally, the fighting had ended at this time and the population was booming along with the economy. The Empire itself hit around 18,000 people around this time and 100,000+ in vassals/influences.

An attempted come back against EAPD was made around February 2015, however, this never finished because EAPD cowarded out of the war due to allied-uprising against them via them pissing off all of Palermo and its allies, previously EAPD refused to attend any battles due to word of this allied uprising and would schedule stuff on top of it a few minutes after rallying finished (3 times in total, this happened).

This was considered the EAPD war, and it raged on until around the beginning of May 2015 upon the loss of Sunsshines. The Empire was in great saddness at this day and at result of the loss of Sunsshines, EAPD was later mass attacked by its own allies. Their allies claimed responsibility and said it was "For Sunsshines." Many believe that EAPD had contributed to the loss of Sunsshines.

The Empire's decline increased until it finally began to balance out. The Empire was soon dissolved due to lacking management over the Colonies non-violantly around June 2015. The successor to the Palermo titles was the Empire of Palermo.

Population Estimates for 2016Edit

If the Palermonian Imperium and her allied Coalition had continued, then the Empire would have around 442021 members in allies (8/29/15 est.). Currently, the largest portion of the former PI, F.E.A.R and her allies, in total have around 75060 members, still being quite a massive group however not its maximal extent of, during the PI's reign, over 300,000 members.

The PI during its existence was one of the largest Coalitionary forces in ROBLOX's history, able to at least rally 30 - 100 at bad days. If it had continued, it is estimated that, under its maximal extent, it would've been the largest Coalition in ROBLOX's history.

The estimates were the last to be taken Empire-wide despite it being post-morteum.

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