Palermo National Police Department [PNPD]
The official emblem of the PNPD.
Leader Yoswanito


Government N/A
Capital N/A
Empire Current Expansion N/A
Empire Maximum Expansion N/A
Foundation 2014

The Palermo National Police Department, PNPD, is a state-owned, nationwide law enforcement agency in Palermo. It has jurisdictions located all provinces throughout the country. The agency is new to Palermo and will replace the Military Police so the armed forces will continue to focus on military-related activity. The PNPD is not a roleplay group and takes law enforcement in Palermo in a way similar to real life. Commissioner Yoswanito and Assistant Superintendent ROBLOXBloxxerDJL run the group, but Yoswanito is extremely inactive from Palermo for he is busy in other groups. The department works to serve and protect communities of Palermo to maintain peace in order. The PNPD can call in the armed forces incase of a critical emergency situation.

History and OverviewEdit

The agency was formed in winter of 2014 during the Lightica City timespan under the idea by Yoswanito and ROBLOXBloxxerDJL. The group remained closed until recently on June 7th, 2014, when it began to hire new members. It'll be an open-join group until a proper application is established. The PNPD uses a shielded emblem with blue center, white outer layer, black outline, and red accent lines. It features the squared flag of Palermo and two platinum stars.

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