Palermonian Imperium
Leader Sunsshines, Spacegang5
Government Clan
Capital Unidentified
Empire Current Expansion  
Empire Maximum Expansion 21
Maximum Groups Annexed 60+
Maximum Population 100+ (Main group)
Became Forestary Empire, Palermonian Monarchy
Foundation 2013
Reincorporated into new group 1/15/14
Fall 1/13/14

The Palermo Empire under Spacegang5 was the continuation of the Palermo 4th Empire after division on officially 1/13/14, being divided via Forestary and Palermo's division.

Lake Palermo, the historic founding area and historic Capital, was occupied by Forestary, while Palermo retained the rest of its current Empire. 

The Empire was lead by Spacegang5, or Bloxer123456, after coming back from his exile and regaining power due to the legendary Brandon hacking into Sunsshines and causing Sunsshines to loose ownership.

The Empire was unrecognized on the 15th after Spacegang5 lost his power afterwards appointing Lilmini98 as Emperor.

After the end of Lilmini98's Era, the Palermo 4th Empire was declared officially fallen, the current succeeded monarch of the 4th Empire, if it were still around, would be WatchfulJon the 1st, or WatchfulJon the Last.

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