Palermonian Imperium
Leader Monarch lilmini98
Government Remnants of the Palermo 4th Empire
Capital Unidentified
Notable For Last State of the Palermo 4th Empire
Empire Current Expansion 0
Empire Maximum Expansion 21?
Maximum Population 104
Became Palermonian Empire
Foundation 1/15/14
Dissolution 1/23/14
Fall April 2014

The Empire of Palermo, or The Empire of Lilmini98, was the Palermo 4th Empire under Lilmini98's rule. The Empire by this time was reduced to just one state and several territories, all other territories had been lost to either outside conquest or revolution.


The Empire under this rule was reduced to just shutdowns and the main state. This dissolution would result in the deep depression lasting until the Empire of Lake Palermo forms, all else between the 4th Empire Period and the Empire of Lake Palermo period, being in a deep, deep depression.

The 5th Palermonian Empire came to exist around April 2014, while the Palermonian 4th Empire remained holding only its Core Group/Capital Group and several outside Provinces.

Gradually, the 5th Palermonian Empire had closed in and annexed most of the former Provinces, along with conquering most of the former Provinces that had gained independence.

In late April 2014, just before the Palermo 5th Empire reincorporated into TRC, the Palermo 5th Empire had annexed the last official group of the Palermo 4th Empire.

By the time the 5th Palermo Empire had annexed the 4th Empire, there was no monarch, and only around 60 population left.