War Name The 11/19/12 War
Date Occurred 11/19/12 - 12/28/12
Side 1: Palermo 1st Empire, Sunset-Palermo, Lightica, Lacerta, RAM, and various smaller groups.
Side 2 Communist Palermo, Griffin Squad, Versovia, Austratt Empire
Side 3 '
Winner: Side 1
Result End of the Communist Movement in Palermo. Eventual cause towards the deletion of Austratt (see Propaganda and Lies section).
Users Lost Around 10 - 60 (Unknown)

This is an article about a ROBLOX War

The Palermonian Civil War, or the 11/19/12 war, was an uprising against the CSNP in 2012. The war begun at 11/19/12 and ended at 12/28/12 in rebel victory.


Protesting was raving on since Jack's election and the formation of the CSNP on November 19th and for every hour people were getting more rebellious and violent on the wall. After having made attempts to clear the wall, Jack responded by having a group of Citizens rallied to Castle Palermo on 11/19/12 around 12:00 PM EST so they could have a peaceful protest and he could find out why they were protesting.

The rally later resulted in the Battle of Castle Palermo, which caused people to begin to rebel. Sunsshines later exiled Jack for corruption and re-installed the Old Palermo back into place. Jack came to Sunsshines and said, "We will give you a choice. You may stay independent or join the cause, your group will become more liberal and we will stop mobilization against Palermo if you join the cause."

Sunsshines held a vote on the wall to decide Palermo's fate. There was a 100% vote to stay independent and to fight. Griffin Squad and IL were rallying at mass, a Coalition against Palermo. Jack gave limited time for the choice to be made.


Raiding began at basic Palermo Forts such as Fort Ally and at the Griffin Squad HQ, where Griffin Squad began having rebellious problems as well. Not a lot is known about the actual war, but it was settle by December, both sides having fought at least several times. Several of the States were badly damaged by the war and the war also caused multiple users to quit, however, an unknown amount.

RAM later entered the war and invaded Griffin Squad for corruption. GS later invaded RAM back. Palermo supported RAM against GS.


Jack and GS were making significant progress in attempting to destroy Palermo, however, sometime in December, Jack was accused of corruption in Griffin Squad and was exiled. GS and IL then pulled out from the war, leaving the rebels victorious (hense, Old Palermo).

The CSNP movement seis to exist once Jack was completely out of power, thus the war was at end. Sunsshines later converted Palermo to a Medieval group to supposedly "avoid GS invasion," which ended all new attempts at war from ever happening.

Propaganda and LiesEdit

The war, most comparable to the Revolutionary War at this point, was later twisted around and mangled by Sunsshines as an attempt to make propaganda and lies out of it. He caused mass drama and many people a lot of trouble over the war.

He claimed that the war was "not a choice," and that "the CSNP was in power until December while the rebels fought viciously until 60 had quit. The CSNP was over thrown at December 21st." It is unknown why Sunsshines chose to manipulate the story to this extent, however, the Imp Regime later proved Sunsshines' theory wrong using several records from both the wall and the audit log in TEOP.

The war cry, "Small does not mean weak," came from the Palermo Civil War before Sunsshines "had a light go off or something," and began manipulating the story. It was a cry used due to the extent of the enemy's expansion against Palermo. The 'rebels' had only 70 membes while GS and IL had over 3,000.

Influence of the WarEdit

The Palermo Civil War was called the first part in the "Neverending War" of Sunsshines' regime. It is highly consipracy filled due to the rumors and propaganda that went with it. The actual story is described above, however, and most other claims are probably false.

Regardless of the truth, Sunsshines used the war to his advantage for many things. This begun with South Robloxia's war then the Palermo conquests in 2013 and grew from there, all of the wars being at reason of 11/19/12.

Sunsshines often talked about the war during his regime as Emperor of Palermo, which helped create influence regarding it. Regardless of again what had happened, many hold the opinion that the war should have never happened and that the fact that it got as big as it did was very unusual for such a small group.

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