Palermonian Imperium
Flag which was created based on South Robloxia's flag under Joe5132 and used for the majority of the Empire's lifetime.
Imperial Military
Coat of Arms for the Palermo Empire during the majority of 2013
Leader Sunsshines (majority of the time)
Government Empire (Until Late 2013), Council/Elected Prime Minister (Until 1/23/14)
Capital Lake Palermo
Empire Current Expansion 0
Empire Maximum Expansion 21
Maximum Groups Annexed 100+
Maximum Population 140+ (main group)
Became Imperial Palermo
Foundation 2009
Dissolution 12/12/13 (Until 12/17/13), 1/23/14
Fall 1/23/14

The Palermo Empire, the 2013 Regime, Palermonian 4th Empire, or simply, Palermo, was an Empire created around March 2013 by Sunsshines out of anger from the 11/19/12 war. It has since been dubbed the "evil Palermo," or the "evil regime."

The Empire retained the former Sunset - Palermo expansion until, under Emperor BearClawChrislatin5 and Sunsshines, the Empire annexed over 60 groups and created over 20 Provinces.


The Empire's namesake came from Old Palermo and The Empire of Palermo, the Palermo Rebel's ex-main group which became the Capital group of the Palermo Empire. Originally then, with the conversion to an Empire, the name was Palermo Empire. It was Latinized, Empire becoming Imperium and Palermo becoming Palermonian, thus, Palermonian Imperium.


Warnings of the Empire rising were given by GenCaik and others during the 11/19/12 war multiple times along with various alternate accounts warning everybody that Palermo would come back and destroy many groups if the war continued, asking the Communists stop, although they were ignored. 

The Empire was initially founded out of a revolt led by Sunsshines and MiguelAttack against SRDR around Early 2013 with a goal to re-establish Old Palermo. The revolt was suppressed for the majority of the war until the later days of the South Robloxian Civil War, which the SRDR State of Palermo collapsed and the rebels took control, re-creating a democratic Palermo. After the defeat of South Robloxia, Palermo entered a stage known as the Palermo 3rd Empire where no official rule was in place. The Community of Palermo, according to records, developed in this time an extreme hatred and anger towards all of whom caused the 11/19/12 war and who had participated in it, and at a result, Palermo's Army began to rapidly grow.

Sunsshines was, according to sources, one of the most angry of the Community, and shortly after Palermo gained its independence, he led an invasion of the Ericain Empire to force the surrender of the ROBLOXian Union (Confederation founded by SRDR in order to retain its allies). There was only one battle which was a Palermonian victory, afterwards Ericain surrendered in return to not be taken as a territory of Palermo.

Shortly after the wars ended, Sunsshines, out of anger, declared Palermo to be an Empire and began to recruit to Palermo's Army. Tensions were risen at this time due to SR. 

In June 2013, the Empire invaded Griffin Squad, beginning the 2013 wars. According to research, originally Griffin Squad had no idea what was coming, them just wondering their City-Fort near the HQ until suddenly Palermonian forces rushed into the City and soon into the HQ with an army of 3 times bigger then the GS defending army. They took control of aircraft quickly and before long GS was forced to surrender.

That same day, Palermo invaded the Holy Roman Imperium/Austratt Empire as well in a quick attack which resulted in Austratt collapsing. Many sources say that Palermo used unlegitimate sources to get the HRI destroyed, this creating fear of Palermo and its Army for months.

Palermo during this as well began conquering smaller groups and invading them at mass under Emperor Sunsshines. The Empire also rebuilt its Lake Palermo into a powerhouse of the PS world, effectively ruling most of the Personal Server world on ROBLOX until Late 2013.


The Empire had a lot of Imperialism and anger towards the Civil War during most of its regime. They were known to conquer groups then brutally oppress them to the point to where it would force people to quit ROBLOX, thus building a lot of hatred towards Palermo.

Palermo imprisoned anybody relating SR or the CSNP, and carried the title of "Anti-Bullying" around as a use of propaganda although heavily used bullying to grow their control over their Empire.

Any attempt at protesting or going against Palermo's regime was responded too via Palermo deploying its army and opening fire on all participants. Often they would raid random people's houses and destroy everything in attempt to find a criminal or out of hatred.

Sunsshines, as a positive note, did make speeches multiple times against this, saying that "Palermo should be more like Old Palermo." He recieved criticism for his statements and speeches regarding the issue, which he often ignored and very often demoted or exiled users for.

August 2013 RevolutionEdit

Around August 2013, an attempt to overthrow Palermo was made by multiple people. The goal was to end the brutal regime and re-establish a free-Palermo. The revolt failed within a few days. There was a number of others like these before and after August, although none succeeded until the eventual fall of the regime in Feburary 2014.


In Feburary 2014, the Empire was unstable and experienced many internal problems until finally within the earlier days of the month a massive uprising begun at Lake Palermo. The Palermo Army responded by deploying temporarily into the city until it got so aggressive that Lake Palermo was eventually deleted by the ROBLOX administrators.

The Empire had an attempted coup d'eat which failed and eventually, a few days after this, ownership of Palermo's main group was lost and the Provinces of the Palermo Empire began to rebel. Forestary reincorporated from the Empire out of Lake Palermo and eventually came to be the dominant power, Sunsshines taking power in Forestary out of the fall of the Empire.

The Empire, although lost its territories by this time, was finally recognized as fallen by the Palermonian Imperium at 1/15/15 after a temporary war with The Red Union and EAPD.


The Empire's brutal regime left a lasting mark on ROBLOX, often their shutdowns and list of accounts which were abandoned because of the Empire are referred too as the "scar of ROBLOX." Sunsshines heavily regretted being so angry and has made many attempts to return everybody's groups to them although has not honored any of the victims of the war, often saying "they deserved it."

Palermo itself has developed a hatred for the former 2013 events itself, often when corruption begins in the Palermonian Imperium, they bring up the statement, "don't return to 2013!"

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