Kingdom of Palermo
Leader King Sunsshines the I
Government Medieval Clan
Capital Waternia City
Empire Current Expansion  
Empire Maximum Expansion Unknown; 5+?
Maximum Population 60+ (Main Group)
Became South Robloxia
Foundation Early 2013
Conquest Mid 2013
Fall Mid 2013

The Palermo 2nd Empire, Medieval Palermo, or the Kingdom of Palermo, was an Empire founded after the reunification of Palermo when most of the former Palermo 1st Empire states rejoined Palermo. 

Palermo no longer held its position as a power and was in decline from this point until the rise of the Palermo 3rd Empire after the fall of South Robloxia. Palermo used primarily Waternia Castle before it fell to Southern Robloxian conquest around Early 2013.

Palermo at this time was known as Medieval Palermo, which was medieval based on ROBLOX, in the ROBLOX Medieval Community. It left the medieval era near the beginning of Mid 2013.