Kingdom of Palermo
Leader King Sunsshines the I
Government Empire, Country (Kingdom, Democracy), Union of States
Capital Lake Palermo
Empire Current Expansion 0
Empire Maximum Expansion 5
Maximum Groups Annexed Unknown; 5+?
Maximum Population 80+?
Became CSNP
Foundation 2009 (as Sunset)
Dissolution 11/19/12
Fall 11/19/12

The Palermo Empire, or Kingdom of Palermo, was a ROBLOX Kingdom founded after Sunset reincorporated to Palermo during around September 2012. The Kingdom lasted until 11/19/12, which it dissoluted due to the Palermo Civil War

Sunsshines' Writings of Old PalermoEdit

Palermo was a group, founded in 2009, its ID was around in the 200's.

Its hard times began when its main groups moderated, deleted, I do not have the original link but it is probably shut down somewhere now. 

The 2009 group then moved to Sunset, another 2009 group, in a partnership with A.P.A, a group which was super close to Sunset, sharing the same flag even. This is often referred to as the Empire of Sunset.

Sunset and APA both styled themselves of a Country Role-play Group (this influenced how Palermo was formed and run, and still does), only they weren't seriously stupid/idiotic about it like most are.

They remained together until 2012, when Palermo took control over Sunset, and A.P.A was abandoned with Sunset trying to rebel, but failing, at 2012, around August. Palermo, having Sunset, made a new group, The Empire of Palermo.

Palermo moved to "The Empire of Palermo" around August 2012 to help the main Sunset grow, it was a Colony originally. Palermo was at war with Blocks during this time, this war's origins being unknown.

Blocks at the time was known as one of the strongest groups on ROBLOX, beating 20 Defenders of a Fort with 5 Raiders, at the time it gave Blocks a massive reputation for strong people, this being done in 2011, it being a group which most "power clans" unintentionally copy/are influenced by.

During this time, in 2012, Palermo's "Old Palermo" existed, which wasn't some glorious City or anything, it was a group of people, around 60 of them later on.

These people NEVER argued with each other out of hate, rather debates or for fun, all of them were friends, all of them were active, and they commonly free built and just played around and had fun at Lake Palermo.

They were very happy about what they had and almost never asked for ranks unless it was an election for PM, which they'd ask to run.

These people are the ones who brought many new things to ROBLOX, and are the same who is behind the foundation of Forestary.

Palermo, owning Sunset, officially divided from it around 2012, annexing it again, putting the Sunset Government into exile, which Sunset, now TRROS at the time, or The Revolutionary Republic of Sunset, rebelled.

While Sunset kept trying to rebel, and failed, multiple times, Palermo was upgrading itself continuously, also taking over the Personal Server Market.

The Palermonians as they're called built out of Stamper originally, very progressive and upgraded quite a lot.

Finally, Palermo's first fort was Fort Pl0X, a stamper fort where the first battle of the conquest of Blocks began, the winners being the 1st Palermo Empire.

Later on, a castle was built named Fort Jays, and even later on, Castle Palermo was built to replace both forts. Castle Palermo was the last Palermonian 1st Empire Fortress, later to be replaced by Castle Waternia on PalermoEmpire's Profile by the 2nd Palermo Empire.

Palermo finally defeated and annexed Blocks around September 2012 using The Palermo Army, or TPA, as its main battalion, and various State Battalions gained during the war. 

Palermo at this time had also annexed several groups as States. These States were not conquered, but joined Palermo because of the Community, how good it was (There's a good reason "Old Palermo" is honored), some of which were involved in the conquest, including; - Lightica - Sunset - Lacerta - Versovia and various groups I forgot the names of.

Old Palermo varied in people who used grammar or not, about 50 - 50 from Partial, and No Grammar, full grammar users were rare. 

The Community flourished at Lake Palermo, a stamper building place, often seeing new and/or old stuff constantly appearing and disappearing. This place, just as it was in 2013, was at the top of the list.

Palermo ran into conflict, though, when its 1st Civil War was in September, due to Blocks rebelling, later to be granted independence on 9/20/12 due to VDR forcing Palermo to surrender then un-allying as a result. 

VDR was a close ally and vassal. Blocks during this time divided into Octavia and Blocks, Octavia itself remained a Vassal/Influence of Palermo then later got annexed by South Robloxia (SRDR/SR Empire).

Palermo remained static (In other words, did not expand or shrink) and built forts like Fort Ally and began work on Castle Waternia.

Palermo's forts featured commonly a town hall like building (non stamper) with usually little huts or large towers and a big wall (usually non stamper, sometimes partial stamper, and usually the ground was stamper, but at Fort Ally it was all non stamper).

Palermo at the time also did Prime Minister elections every few weeks like Forestary, just for fun, only FF's time as PM is longer (for FF; a few months, for the 1st Palermo Empire; a few weeks) then the 1st Empire's.

The Prime Minister of Palermo helped run the group, yet a fatal error was present: It was not strict, there were no groups or such that prevented a bad PM from getting elected. 

GenCaik, a future Court of Honored member, at the time running for Prime Minister, then put a new system into place, described here:

Palermo had gone through about 10 PM's until November the 14th - 15th, 2012, when Jack0414 was elected Prime Minister, winning against Wson.

Civil War and FallEdit

Quoted from Sunsshines';

I was King at this time, but due to the error described earlier, I was removed from office by Jack, Jack then became Dictator of Palermo. The Communist-Soviet Nation of Palermo, or Communist Palermo, had formed.

Jack had this Constitution, or new Laws/Rules, were placed replacing the old 1st Empire rules;

Palermo's members in response began to protest on the walls (most of this was deleted and half of it doesn't even show on the audit anymore, unfortunately).

An example of this is here, on the 14th;

This kept going until 11/19/12, when Jack shouted asking all Citizens to come to Castle Palermo for a "peaceful protest", while Jack had the Citizens stalled at Castle Palermo, he rallied TPA, and Griffin Squad, another Communist group.

While the Citizens were asking questions and wondering, TPA remained within the Castle Walls, the main area, the stone part, while the Citizens were asked to go on the grass field for the "peaceful protest", which they did.

Jack remained in the 2nd floor of the Castle looking out one of the windows (which was meant as places to shoot from then hide behind the wall if you got hurt).

Jack then gave the order that would change Palermo forever.

On 11/19/12, Jack gave an order to the Military to kill all Citizens in Castle walls. The Military opened fire on all Citizens in the Castle walls.

The wall was flooded with protest, flame, arguing, etc., revolution had begun. While Communist's won at Castle Palermo, there was rebellion within the group, divisions were forming, people were fighting, a massive war begun.

This is where a fun clan war turns into real warfare.

The Palermo Civil War, 11/19/12, or the 2nd Civil War, had begun. Jack forced all states to succeed, and so all of the States, having battalions, fought Communism. Versovia, Griffin Squad, Blocks, and Communist Palermo vs Republic of Lightica, Sunset - Palermo, Slofiga (not official yet), Palermo Rebels, Lacerta Republica, etc.

The huge war lasted quite a while, the wall of The Empire of Palermo was filled with NOTHING BUT protest and flame against the Communist Government

Here's some proof in screen shots: Screenshot_21.png - That's from later on during and after the battle at Castle Palermo

Palermo was divided officially around the 20th, and the Civil War had officially begun, although fighting was already on going previously. Large battles were going back and forth as the Communist Army was much stronger then the Rebelling States.

Various battles happened, including one at Fort Ally, which I just remembered was very stressful, a massive Communist Army was invading and about to win against the fort but were stopped by a long walking distance.

Unfortunately, however, it was only Sunset's State Military defending the fort rather then the rest of the Rebels, and so 3 Sunset Soldiers were shooting from the wall and several others were out on offensive getting crushed trying there best to keep the Communists away from the Fort.

During this, so many people had gotten mad that instead of leaving, most of them chose sides and began to shoot and attack, Citizen or not. TPA during this time caved in due to Civil War among itself, TPA collapsed at 11/19/12, as the Soldiers saw it as dumb to kill their own people.

By December 2012, Palermo was ruins, the Community was destroyed, all previous tech used was lost. The war was so large that around 60 people had QUIT ROBLOX until later on in 2013, when they gradually came back and left Palermo, most of which were strict due to the war.

January, 2013, the war had ended and the Communist Government fell. Palermo was a disaster although it reunited quickly. 

A union between States, the Palermo Rebels, formed on the 21st, while Sunset called itself Sunset - Palermo, this union and Sunset merged to form a temporary Sunset - Palermo State.

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