Palermonian Kingdom
Leader Palermo
Government Kingdom
Capital Bloxxingburg
Notable For Biggest Gametest5 Group
Empire Current Expansion 1
Empire Maximum Expansion 5+
Maximum Groups Annexed 5+
Maximum Population 140
Foundation 2013

The Palermonian Kingdom is a group on Gametest5 created during Medieval Palermo as an attempt at an off-site colony. It was much abandoned around 2014 due to the EAPD War.


Palermo's GT5 holding began around early 2013 with sites on taking over Gametest5. This never filled out, however, the group became the biggest one on GT5 and managed to hold several other groups in its possession.

Most of the group was abandoned due to the EAPD war where most activity directed towards the war effort. It is now a ghost group. It was declared independent at November 14th, 2015, 5 days before the 3rd anniversary of 11/19/12.

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