War Name Griffanian - Palermonian War
Date Occurred 6/3/15 - 6/8/15
Side 1: Griffin Squad
Side 2 Palermonian Imperium, FEAR, USA
Side 3 Various Rebels
Winner: Side 2
Result Old relations to the Palermo Civil War are revived, thus heating up the tensions. Griffin Squad Army is crushed, rebellious figures in GS appear in favor for Palermo. Last recorded major war of Sunsshines.
Users Lost Almost None (Predicted)

This is an article about a ROBLOX War

The Palermonian - GS War of 2015 was a war which was declared by the Palermonian Imperium that begun on June 3rd, 2015 as a result of multiple Palermonian members being abused at Griffin Squad's "HQ of the Revolution." Many say the war was caused out of revenge for 11/19/12. The war was Palermonian victory by Palermonian war terms agreed too by Griffin Squad, which stated, "Leaving is surrender."


According to records, immediately after an attempted Practice Raid which begun the war, the Palermonian and GS forces fought at Castle Palermo II, with Palermonian forces winning the first raid then GS forces winning the second, although this was later declared unofficial.

Griffin Squad, on June 4th, attempted an invasion of the Palermonian Imperium via Castle Palermo II. The invasion failed terribly with the Palermonians holding the fort the entire time with lesser numbers. The war revived old tensions from the Palermo Civil War and thus caused the war to begin growth at a rapid rate.

After the Rights Abuse (described in the section below this one), the entire Palermonian Imperium boasted about joining the war, and eventually there was an invasion of at least double the amount of Palermonians then there were Griffin Squad.

There was around 2 more battles resulting in Palermonian victory before Griffin Squad pulled out of the war, declaring themselves the winner. This was voted as being a full retreat of GS and the winner being the Palermonians. The score was 4 - 1 in favor of the Imperium. The war would have had to have gotten at least 11 wins on one side in order for it to be officially over, thus by terms, Palermo won, since the terms stated that cowarding out beforehand without a legitimate excuse was against the terms. They also won by their number of battles.

Rights AbuseEdit

During the war, multiple times, the Griffin Squad Army gathered many of the Palermonian girls then pretended to rape them. This was notable towards the only Palermonian loss, where they did the rape thing and they also mocked them on the topic and various other such, calling them names like "sluts." The Palermo Army responded to these by attempting to flame back, however, Sunsshines ordered them not to respond due to the rule of "no flaming" (which Griffin Squad had already broke). Sunsshines eventually pulled out and promoted everybody on Palermo's side who attended despite the recorded loss, saying that, "It was not right for them to say and do what they did." He then allowed the girls effected not to continue in the war if they did not wish too.

This event majorly increased tensions and hate, bringing back the topic of the Palermo Civil War multiple times. Sunsshines used this to unload propaganda, including words like, "this is why 60 people were lost." Palermo, surprisingly unlike the past wars, did not respond aggressively, rather opendly accepted rebels and others into Palermo.

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