Most common flag associated with Palermo
Leader Palermonian Emperor
Government Constitutional Monarchy (Palermonian Imperium)
Capital Lake Palermo (Palermonian Imperium)
Notable For Boats, Imperialism
Empire Current Expansion Unknown
Empire Maximum Expansion Unknown
Maximum Groups Annexed Unknown
Maximum Population 15,000+ (Main), 150,000+ (Influences, Vassals)
Foundation Around 2009

Palermo is a region on ROBLOX which is almost entirely ruled by the Palermonian Imperium, known for drama and imperialism, the region is home to the many vast groups of the Palermonian Imperium, her allies, and her enemies. 


The region's name was created on the face of ROBLOXia after the formation of the Palermo Kingdom, which had its namesake from a ROBLOXian cruise ship which sailed for Blocks previously before.

Blocks and Palermo remained the dominant forces in Palermo up to the formation of the CSNP and eventually, the beginning of the Palermo Civil War. The region was mainly full of smaller, independent groups, and dominated by Griffin Squad and the Holy Roman Imperium until the Palermo Empire (the evil regime) formed out of anger and hostility in the main Palermo group and eventually led to the conquests of Sunsshines.

During the regime of the the evil regime, the region became mainly unified and became a stronghold along with economic center for the Personal Server world and the entire Palermo Empire.

After long history of depression and reformations, the current dominant body in the Palermo region is the Palermonian Imperium and the Palermo Coalition, formed out of the fall of the evil regime and reunified under Sunsshines and other rulers.


Palermo is known for imperialism and drama, however, this is not dominant in the region, and was mainly present only during the evil regime and the Post-2013 states that existed before the Palermonian Imperium. Palermonians, as they are referred too as, typically are friendly and willing to get the job done. They are known for being sailors and known for their boats.

Notable Palermonians

Some Palermonians became noted for their actions and deeds, here is a list;

Username What was done Rank Fate of User
BuildYourOwnMansion Posted a thread about no bullying on Clans and Guilds and got over 200 supporters. Captain PG'd? (Unknown for sure)
Sunsshines The Emperor and Founder of the Palermonian Imperium, he is honored for his services too Palermo and the Empire. Emperor Quit
NobleDragon Briefly participated in Lake Palermo's activities, and is considered to be one of the Palermonians of Lake Palermo. Moderator of ROBLOX Currently Around
LordShadow19 Although not spending the majority of his time with Palermo, he is known for being a General and Allied Leader who won various significant military victories throughout various wars of the Palermonian Imperium and her allies. General (Palermo), Commander (FEAR) Currently Around

Known Quotes

This is a list of Quotes made by Palermonians.

"most of your people who MAKE the stuff in the free models dont even use grammar, most of them are what you idiots call noobs, and in fact, most of you use there stuff, so why do you treat them like absolute bull crap?"

- BuildYourOwnMansion, Palermonian Captain,  June 2013, several days before account deletion.

"This is not the Universe, this is not the Galaxy, this is not the World, this is not the Army, this is ROBLOX, a place meant for fun"

- Bloxer123456, Duke of Palermo, June 10th, 2013

"Think before you actand "Think before you begin to act"

- Sunsshines, Former 1st Empire King and Current Palermonian Senator

"To truly serve is to betray when you are asked to murder in the name of your country"

- City of Forestary Motto

"Small does not mean weak"

- Unknown, Palermo Civil War

"All those steps on people's profiles towards true friendship, one who is fake will pursue those steps to prove that they are true, while one who is true in reality will not have to pursue those steps at all"

- Sunsshines, EAPD War

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