The Winter Update is an update currently on going since 12/08/13 (MM/DD/YY). It was halted around the 14th of December, 2013, due to the 4th Palermo Civil War.


This is a list of removed, disabled, and added features.


- Removed Tree's [Anti-Lag Sector] (12/8/13)

- Changed to Winter theme (12/8/13)

- Locked City (12/8/13)

- Added Hat Shop (12/9/13 - 12/10/13)

- Reconstruction completely of Free Build Area (12/8/13, repeated at 12/10/13)

- Beach (12/10/13)

- Finish Anti Lag Sector (12/10/13, although further plans to extend remain)

In Progress:

- Clothes Shop (est. 12/10/13)

- Hat Shop (ROBLOXian 2.0, est. 12/9/13)


- NPC Shops

- Clothes Shop

- Military Base

- Reconstruction of Housing

- NPC House Buying/Selling

City during this time:

This is a list of actions the City did during the Winter Update:

City Actions:

- Begin construction of Scripting Center (12/8/13)


- Reconstruction of the Space Center

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