City of New Palermo
Group Palermonian Empire
Mayor None
Minister(s) None
Population 20+
Average Visitors per Week  ?
Founder Itself
Maximum Size Under Itself (2013, December; 100+ Av. Vis., 300+ Pop.)
Incorporated 2013

New Palermo is a coastal City in ROBLOX, and the former Capital of the Palermonian Empire, currently occupied by the current Palermonian Empire.


New Palermo was founded when Lake Palermo was put under extreme threat by a legendary hacker named Brandon during the legendary Brandon Hacking War.

New Palermo was reconstructed as a small town in Palermo, eventually becoming the Capital as Lake Palermo began to collapse (again).

By legend, The City was made an important one during the Hacking War, as multiple meetings were held in it, and on the 25th, ImperialGamerIG came to New Palermo then was IP Banned by Brandon.

The entire City was saddened, and a statue Imperial made was taken off of the "to be destructed" list, and is now, in honor of Imperial, located in a park.

New Palermo began to boom in updates when the Space Center was created. One of the largest rockets on ROBLOX was launched from New Palermo, being as high as a five story Stamper building with 5 brick high walls for each story.

New Palermo boomed in progression, and due to the Price Floor, on 12/9/13, incorporated a free update for the Holidays that allows users to have free hair and free ROBLOXian 2.0.

New Palermo is not as active as it formerly was, but sometimes is still used.


The City tends to lag somewhat, and its recommended you put your setting to 3.


New Palermo's Housing is made of basic one story White Pre-Prepared Houses and empty Orange Houses, also featuring two story Blue Houses, all of which are currently being updated.


The Downtown is filled with very nice brick Victorian shops, some basic and some are Two-Story Shops with decorated Wood Walls, the downtown also has NobleDragon's House located in it.


The City is honored for ImperialGamerIG's last moments there, according to legend, also being the place where ImperialGamerIG's Memorial was held on 12/12/13 and where ImperialGamerIG's Memorial Rocket was launced at 12/12/13.

Palermo Civil War

Palermo fell into a Civil War around 12/14/13, New Palermo was mainly involved in the war rather than the City itself during this time.

Notable Users who reside(d/s) at New Palermo

- ImperialGamerIG (Brandon Hacking War)

- NobleDragon (ROBLOX Administrator)

- ROBLOXBloxxerDJL (4th Empire Palermo Senator, 4th Empire Palermo Emperor)

- Sunsshines (Palermonian 1st and 2nd Empire King, 4th Empire Palermo Emperor)

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