Lake Palermo Tour Boats
Two Funnel
The ship during positioning for pictures in 2015.
Nickname Lake Palermo Boats
Builder Old Palermo
Construction Started September 2012?
Completed September 2012?
Battles Invasion of Lake Palermo
Fate One blown up and later rebuilt, the other scuttled and later recovered and repaired.
The Lake Palermo Tour Ships, or the Lake Palermo Boats, are two ships which were retrieved from Lake Palermo as part of an effort to recover other ships following the recovery of the Battleship 11/19/12. These ships were, at the time of their recovery, the most undamaged as result of the war. Only one of these ships is entirely original while the other had to be reconstructed.


Both ships were constructed around September 2012 during the top time of Old Palermo as passenger ships to travel from one end of Lake Palermo to another and to mainly show off as well.

The two-funneled ship was later gated up due to problems with driving and capsizing, while the other remained in service.

Invasion of Lake PalermoEdit

The Battle at Lake Palermo is quite unknown, however, by what was seen the one stacker ship was blown up near the port during the battle and the two-funnel ship was purposely sunk despite having no damage on it, likely due to capsizing. It was considered to be scuttling.


The two funnel ship was rediscovered during a quick tour of the reverts in Lake Palermo and was saved as a model while the one stacker took reconstructing from a previous version where it was damaged in 2014. The two funnel ship is 1 of 4 current surviving ships of the Palermo Civil War, and only one of two which have no damage on them. It is a planned museum piece in the future. 
One Funnel Ship

The reconstructed one-funnel ship from the stern view positioned in Lake Palermo for screenshots, 2015

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