Join Date 2012?
Type Palermonian
Banned According to story, firstly 11/25/13, unbanned at 12/11/13, re-banned at 12/12/13, unbanned months later.

ImperialGamerIG was the former name for PlayerHasJoined, a Palermonian Soldier, ex-Prime Minister, ex-General, and a current Council member (2/24/15).

PlayerHasJoined is called Imp quite often due to his former name, and under ImperialGamerIG a highly conspiracical event took place where claim ably a hacker named Brandon attempted to take over ROBLOX and destroy Palermo and would not stop until "Imp was gone," so claim ably according to the story Imp gave himself up to save ROBLOX and another conspiracial hacker named HAE attempted to save him although failed, and eventually according to the story he was saved months later.

The story goes unproven and many believe it to be false. The Palermo Empire took a response to this by attempting to participate in it and using New Palermo City (former Palermo City) as a HQ. 

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