Blank Flag

The Flag, although some copies have ImperialGamerIG's image in the center of it.

Imperial's Flag is a flag formed when the Memorial Rocket at New Palermo City blew up in the sky. Pieces of it were harvested and put ontop of Imperial's Statue, being stacked in the way it was, officially creating the flag.

The Flag features Red, Blue, White, and Orange. The Orange was what used to be "Imp" written on the rectangular rocket, while the Red, Blue, and White is copied from the old TPA Flag, which originates from the American Flag (It went from USA to Blocks originally, then TPA copied that, and now the rocket copies TPA).


TPA was the 1st Empire Online Army for ROBLOX (ROBLOX military, they're common) before the Palermonian Civil War caused by an attempted online Communist Revolution on ROBLOX, which failed.

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