Group Itself
Mayor ImperialGamerIG at maximum extent
Minister(s) None
Population 70 at maximum extent
Average Visitors per Week 100+
Founder Unidentified
Maximum Size Under Sunsshines
Incorporated 2009, recognized at Jan, 23rd, 2014
Decorporated April 2014 (Reincorporation)

Forestary, Forest Fellows, or the Empire of Forestary, was the continuation of Lake Palermo and the Palermonian Empire after Sunsshines lost ownership of Palermo and the dissolution of the 4th Palermo Empire on 1/23/14.

It was originally a project to stop the Palermo Drama Era but failed after a hacker named Brandon, previously banned from ROBLOX, came back for one day on 1/13/14 and caused Sunsshines to loose ownership of Palermo.

Forestary was a recreation of Lake Palermo mainly, known for its attempts to rebuild the 1st Palermo Empire, a good Community. Forestary was the first City to use the Universe Update (1/15/14) without beta testing.

Forestary reincorporated around April 2014 to the 5th Palermo Empire.

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