Current Palermo Flag

The Flag of Palermo is a flag on ROBLOX used by the Palermonian Imperium and other forms of Palermo alike. It is a white X inside of a red X with a blue background.


The Palermo flag was an idea created in the Palermo 1st Empire to make the flag more simple. They kept adding stars for every state which joined and thought that it would be easy to just make one flag for this instead of a new one every single time. Despite this, Palermo's original one star flag became a symbol even during the regime of Old Palermo as a golden period.

The current flag originated in Old Palermo with a star in the center of it at about the size of the 2015 flag. The white meant honor, the red meant blood, the

Old Palermo Flag

blue meant the ocean according to some, and the star originally meant the States of Palermo which had united together to form Palermo.

The star was removed around March 2013 after the formation of the Palermo Empire by Sunsshines in anger for the 11/19/12 war.

The flag was made into a square then put in the corner of a new green flag with a shield to the front of it containing Red, White, and Blue then a green circle with a P in it in the center of the shield during the regime's most brutal period of the 2013 wars due to them styling the flag after South Robloxia's flag and with influence after the British Empire.

There was also another flag made which was similar to the 2014 flag except with a solid green rectangle (also came in Red or Half Blue-Half Green) at the front, covering the front, in 2013. The Red version symbolized a shutdown and 


2013 Flag

was used to symbolize groups destroyed by Palermo, and still is to this day. The Half Blue-Half Green was the flag of the City of Lake Palermo, and was flown over Provinces or Territories. The solid green flag was a territory flag and flew over territories of the Palermo Empire. The only one of these flags still used is the red flag for the same purpose by the Palermonian Imperium, however, this idea is with competition from a faded out 2015 Palermo Flag for shutdowns instead.


2014 Flag

 The flag was again updated after the fall of the Palermo Empire in February 2014 with the shield removed and the green background turned to solid white, meaning honor. The remains of Palermo did not wish to return to the 2013 status and the white was put there to symbolize honor. 

The white on the flag was eventually abolished, leaving the square, in 2015 by Sunsshines saying that it looked better, however, the general white flag is often flown in game on ROBLOX even to this day, and sometimes the 2013 flag is flown but not very often.

Palermo's flag has been recognized as a piece of Palermo history, and the Old Palermo flag being flown in celebrations often and is considered a piece of the "golden era of Palermo." The most common flag seen in games is the 2014 flag, the least common being the 2013 flags.

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