Royal House of Palermo
Current Head PlayerHasJoined
Founder Sunsshines
 The Emperor of the Palermo Empire, also known as, the Emperor of All Palermo(s), is the claimed head of the Palermonian Imperium and all of its members and also reserves the private titles as King of Sunset and King of Palermo. The Empire at its maximum extent held power over 350,000 people including influences. Its main group was about 12,000 people.

Foundation and GrowthEdit

The Empire was founded around March 2013 after the war with South Robloxia had ended. The title was created by Sunsshines in order to fight the remaining supporters of Communist Palermo which had remained neutral in the SR war.

The title gained a high amount of conspiracy and a high amount of power during the 2013 Conquests and holds its power even to this day. The most powerful person to ever hold the spot was Sunsshines who had full control over everything that was related to Palermo.

The position was often debated and many times various groups, including First Encounter Assault Recon, has attempted to claim the title due to its high alliance capability and high Coalition power along with the Crown of Palermo to go with it, however, no official rebellions or attacks were successful. The current head is Imp, or PlayerHasJoined, appointed by Sunsshines after his retirement. 

The title is debated often because of its Country-Roleplay like appearance and yet its high involvement in the Clan World with many of ROBLOX's super clans.

Former/Current MembersEdit

Sections of those of who hold the title currently will not have some of the columns filled out.

List of notable members
Name Assumed Title Lost Title Cause of Loss Maximal Extent of the Empire Time of Height of Power Position Held
Wson the 1st 11/19/12? 2013 Retired 1,000+? 2012 King of Sunset-Palermo, King of Palermo, Emperor of Palermo, General of Palermo
Sunsshines the 1st August 2012? May 4th, 2015 Retired 350,000+ Varies Emperor of Palermo and PI
PirateDragons 2011 -- -- -- Sunsshines Regime Royal Family of Palermo (Sunsshines)
MeadowStar01 2011 -- -- -- Sunsshines Regime Royal Family of Palermo (Sunsshines)
Spacegang 2013 2014 Exiled 100,000+? 2013 Senator of Palermo
BearClawChrislatin5 2013 2013 Exiled 1,000+? 2013 Emperor of Palermo
Joe5132 the Great 2012? 2015 Retired 350,000+ 2013 Senator of Palermo, General of Palermo
Inexpressible 2013 2013 Over thrown 1,000+? 2013 Duce of Palermo
PlayerHasJoined the Great May 4th, 2015 -- -- 100,000+? June 2015 Emperor of Palermo and PI

Multiple people listed later rejoined Palermo, however, did not make any claims to the Royal House.

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