EAPD Rebels
The EAPD logo is used due to no official rebel logo.
Leader Various local leaders
Government Military (Revolt)
Capital Buffalo
Notable For Revolts against East Amherst
Empire Current Expansion Revolution
Empire Maximum Expansion Revolution
Maximum Population 1200+?
The EAPD Rebels are a group of people who protest and riot at Buffalo on James17616's profile with a goal to host a coup d'eat or an over throwing of the East Amherst Government. 


The history of the rebel group is unknown, the best sources dating it back to 2014 originating from PI's actions which caused EAPD to fall into a Civil War in 2013 then continued in 2014. The rebels have since made an up and off appearance in the scene due to EAPD Government corruption.

They recieve off an on support from the Palermonians and NYPD, however, haulted off and on due to treaties (most of which are short lived). 

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