East Amherst Police
Leader James17616, BurninRubber02
Government Police Departement
Capital Buffalo
Notable For EAPD War
Empire Current Expansion 5
Empire Maximum Expansion 5
Maximum Population 5,000+
Foundation 2012
 East Amherst Police, or EAPD, is a ROBLOX Police Departement group which operates like a military clan founded in 2012 by James17616. The Police Departement is based in New England and has over 900 official officers while having 5,000 unofficial officers.


EAPD began out of the Personal Server world and remained gradually independent for the majority of its time. They entered the EAPD War in 2013 at result of actions by Hehoo. They had a notable Civil War during this war which eventually led to Government Victory.

They are known for their heavy amounts of bullying and aggression, often recieving flame for acting so aggressive over a game.

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