War Name EAPD - Palermonian War
Date Occurred 2013 - April 4th, 2015
Side 2 F.E.A.R, Palermonian Imperium, TRAT (Sometimes), VAK (Sometimes)
Side 3 TRUA
Winner: None.
Result Stalemate.
Users Lost Unknown

This is an article about a ROBLOX War 

The EAPD - Palermo War, or often known as, the EAPD war, was a war which began in 2013 at result of a Palermonian attack on EAPD due to EAPD claim ably mass stalking and attacking Hehoo, a Palermonian Citizen at the time. It ended in a military stalemate due to a treaty with TRUA which ended the war.


The war is highly conspiracal due to the cruelty preformed by both sides during the war. EAPD is heavily hated due to their actions which involved mass attacks against any Palermonian member, mass stalking, bullying, etc., along with mass amounts of propaganda being shouted out. It got so far that claim ably they even went to members of who were sick in reality then mocked them for being sick, one member having cancer and could not play ROBLOX often but getting flamed anyway, with claimed EAPD soldiers mocking him for "having cancer."

The Palermonians have a heavy reputation from this war as well due to similar aggressions, but not in the form of mass bullying but rather them mass hacking EAPD's places and leading a lot of sneak attacks which people flame them every time they bring it up.

EAPD is also heavily hated for using a ton of numbers in raids and, for the majority of the war, losing the raids anyway, except towards the end when they began to have a winning streak that caused issues for the other sides. \

Palermo is regarded for its illegitimacy during the war, allowing Defenders to have advances (which did not prevent the Raiders from winning but made it easier for the Defenders to win) due to these high numbers. The war is debated very highly.


The winner of the war is debated, while Palermo won more battles over all, EAPD gained more members and became more agressive. It is debated although both sides claim that there was no winner and that it ended in a treaty. They back this up agressively. 


There are many debates within both former sides regarding if the war will ever return. It is a common debate subject and remains unsolved.