The Dissolution of the Palermonian Imperium was an event characterized by the decolonization of the Palermonian Imperium, the largest period in Palermo's history and one of the largest Colonial Empire's to have ever existed in ROBLOX's history.

The PI was dissolved due to lacking activity, separation movements in other colonies, and multiple other reasons. The PI began dissolution after the Galvanic Legion left the PI then multiple other colonies attempted the same. PlayerHasJoined, Emperor of Palermo, decided it was best to end the PI non-violantly and preserve the new-found peace between EAPD, TRUA, and Palermo.

The Empire as well dissolved due to reasons of Sunsshines' leaving.

This announcement was made following the dissolution;

The Palermonian Imperium, being one of the biggest groups in Palermo history, is now disbanded. Everyone has moved to TEoP:

Dissolution of the CoalitionEdit

Members of the Palermonian Coalition and the PI were declared independent or transfered to the United Command led by F.E.A.R. Most declared independence and the current amount of people in the Coalition is 75,000.

Dissolution of the Main Palermo GroupEdit

The main Palermo consisted of the PI's Capital governing groups, the groups which ran the Coalition, and their colonies. All of these separate groups were considered the same and called the Main Group for the PI. The Main Group was divided upon the dissolution, details below.

In-ROBLOX Palermo
PI Membership Type Population Group Name Fate Date
Colony of the PI (SAS) 200 Supreme Defenders of ROBLOX Never updated yet, independence is welcome. ?
Colony of the PI (SAS) 300 RBXNXT Never updated yet, independence is welcome. ?
Colony of the PI (SAS) 400 Mega Wave Transfered to TEOP June 2015
Colony of the PI (SAS) 400 Sniper Elite Forces Transfered to TEOP June 2015
Governing Group of the PI 1,901-2,200 The .S.A.S. Transfered to TEOP October 2015
Governing Group of the PI 11,000 Galvanic Legion Declared independence. May 2015
Governing Group of the PI 18,000 F.E.A.R Transfered to the United Command by LordShadow19. June 2015
Member of the PI 1,600 Shock Clan Declared independence, defunct. May 2015
Gametest and Outside-ROBLOX Palermo
Membership Population Name Fate Date Off-Site Location
Colony of the PI (SAS) 100? Gametest2 Defunct May 2015 Gametest2
Member of the PI (SAS) 136+ Palermo Declared independence November 14th, 2015 Gametest5
Colony of the PI (SAS) Unknown Blocks, several other groups. Defunct Around May 2015 Gametest1
Colony of the PI (SAS) Unknown Union State Defunct 2015 Sitetest3
Website for the PI (SAS) Unknown New Palermo City Wikia Transfered to TEOP October 4th, 2015 --

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