Court of Honored
Current Head PlayerHasJoined the Great
Founder Sunsshines the 1st
Notable Member BYOM, GenCaik, Jaysrock20, etc.

The Court of Honored, or Council of Honored, is an honor awarded in the Palermonian Imperium created by Sunsshines during 2013 originally in the Palermo 4th Empire for those who did great things in the past or were very important people.


The rank was created by Sunsshines as a way of honoring the users who were lost during the 11/19/12 war. A rank for the Court was made official in 2013 and had about 40 members in the Council at this time although most were deleted. The rank was located at this time in The Empire of Palermo.

The Court made off and on appearances but as of 2015, under Emperor Imp, the rank was merged with the Council as part of reforms to fix Palermo's damage due to the war.

Current HoldersEdit

This lists current members of the Court.

Court of Honored members
Name Joined Quit Rank Reason Honored Reason Quit
GenCaik 2012 November 2012 General Sunset-Palermo General, Palermo Civil War 11/19/12 War
Jaysrock20 2010? 11/19/12 Prime Minister Prime Minister of Old Palermo 11/19/12 War
Wson 2010? 2015 Prime Minister Known High Rank of Palermo, fought in the 11/19/12 War Retired
BYOM 2008 6/8/13 Captain Fought against bullying, banned as a result. Perma-banned by ROBLOX
gggg18 2012 2012 Spy Spied on Communist Palermo in the 11/19/12 War 11/19/12 War
Sunsshines 2012 2015 Emperor of Palermo Honored for his service as Emperor, General in the 11/19/12 War, fought for Palermo and helped many people ever since. Retired
navysailor01 2012 11/19/12 Citizen 11/19/12 War 11/19/12 War
lalala5656 2010? 2013 Soldier Soldier for the rebels in the 11/19/12 War Retired
ADR0MEDA 2012 2012 Soldier Prime Minister of Old Palermo, fought for rebels in the 11/19/12 War 11/19/12 War

There are about 40 others who earned the title.

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