Communist Palermo
Leader Jack0414
Government Dictatorship
Capital Lake Palermo
Notable For 11/19/12 War
Empire Current Expansion Destroyed during the conquests of Sunsshines
Empire Maximum Expansion Palermo
Maximum Population 100+?
Became Sunset-Palermo, Lightica, Lacerta, Slofiga, Versovia, Griffin Squad, Blocks
Foundation 11/14/12
Fall 12/28/12 (Official), 11/19/12 (Unofficial)
 The CSNP, CP, or mostly known as, Communist Palermo, was a pro-Communist Governing Body that existed on 11/19/12 and was led and founded by Jack0414, gaining power by a deal with Sunsshines. The group was forced out of power around November 19th, 2012 as a result of "corruption," claimed by Sunsshines, and the CSNP was then on just a movement in GS and IL to fight Palermo.


Communist Palermo's roots go back to Griffin Squad, however, the main plan probably did not come to exist until September 2012 during Palermo's peak in 2012. Jack likely had organized a plan with Griffin Squad to grow Griffin Squad's main sphere of influence so they could fight RAM and Austratt and thus the idea was born.

Jack held secret meetings with Sunsshines at this time off and on, being arrested for corruption in the PM Position once on 11/14/12, and kept holding meetings until 11/19/12 when Jack won the election for Prime Minister against Wson. Jack almost immediately had Sunsshines convert Palermo to Communism thus forming the CSNP, he also abolished elections in the process. He promised Sunsshines that he would "rid all fascists" then convert Palermo to a "liberal republic." Sunsshines went through with it because Jack also promised to end the inactivity, which was a major problem in Palermo at the time.

Beginning of the ConflictEdit

Jack soon had Communist Palermo remove all of its allies and begin to ally various Communist-supporting groups such as Griffin Squad and others. Protesting in Palermo increased at this time while Sunsshines remained unsupportive but uninvolved. Jack tried to force all of the States to succeed at this time due to them refusing to accept the abolishment of elections, however, all of them refused to abolish elections even then and refused to leave Palermo.

The protests eventually got violent and as response to this, Jack scheduled a peaceful protest to occur on 11/19/12 at Castle Palermo in order to "find out the problems in Palermo and fix them." This later resulted in the Palermo Civil War, where Jack was then exiled by Sunsshines on November 19th, along with the rest of the Palermo Communist Party, due to corruption.

Jack came to Sunsshines, backed up by IL and GS, and claimed "Palermo has a choice. You may stay independent, or you may join our cause. You would become a liberal republic under our cause and GS/IL will stop mobilizing against Palermo if you join our cause."

Sunsshines held a vote and all of Palermo chose to stay independent and fight GS/IL, thus the beginning of the Palermo Civil War.

Province of Palermo - BlocksEdit

The CSNP later reincorporated as an official group back into Palermo temporarily around December as part of an attempted peace treaty with Griffin Squad. Sunsshines later, again, exiled the Communist officials due to corruption and violating the peace treaty. This was the final time that the CSNP was ever an official group, and that Jack ever gained power in Palermo again.


Communist Palermo left an impression on everybody as the ultimate bad guy, and often is compared to TRUA and used for propaganda. Communist Palermo is often very hated even long after its collapse due to the 11/19/12 wars and due to mass propaganda by Sunsshines.

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