Clans (also called war clans, dictatorships, war groups, or just clans) are groups that create armies, forts and bases, also declaring war on other war groups and fighting more aggressively than an average group would. Some of these wars get to be quite big, and lead to Ro-Wars.

War groups are generally frowned upon due to power freakish behavior of most and bullying, and many war groups have habits of exploiting forts to win and a usual negative propaganda for against other war groups.

Most war groups are very small and/or not powerful enough to cause well known wars, but other war groups are extremely strong in this area, and can create famous Empire's such as the Vaktovian Empire.

The largest ROBLOX Groups are known as super clans, formerly being the strongest although now are usually just normal groups only with 10,000+ members, and there has also been power groups, which hold the power of a super clan yet is not as large (and is below 5000 members).

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