Republic of Blocks
Leader Wh1tetip
Government Clan, Country Roleplay (Sort of)
Capital New Blocks City
Notable For Strongest Group on ROBLOX (2011), War with Palermo, South Robloxia
Empire Current Expansion This group has no recorded Empire.
Empire Maximum Expansion This group has no recorded Empire.
Maximum Population 30
Became South Robloxia
Foundation 2011
Conquest 2013

The Blocks Republic, or simply, Blocks, was a group that existed from 2011 too 2013, 2014 officially, that of which was a key part of Palermo's Foundation.

Blocks was in its day known for being the Texas of ROBLOX, originally being founded in 2011 after a ship named the S.T Traval was shot down in a Space Building Place above a Green Planet on 11/23/11, with few survivors.

Blocks at that time had been invaded by a futuristic group, in which it lost, but the group quickly stood back up and destroyed the group responsible for the fall of the S.T Traval.

Blocks then did its legendary war, at 10 members, against a 400 member group named WUCR and won at Fort Abby, 20 vs 5 Soldiers, becoming legendary for this on Clans and Guilds.

The group primarily focused on Naval at the time, and being Texas-like. They turned Fort Blocks into Blocks City in late 2011, and in Early 2012 they destroyed Blocks City and founded New Blocks City.

They remained focusing on Naval Roleplay, and building boats such as the RSS Freedom Bay, which is named after an area on the Map of Blocks that contains the Capital City, New Blocks City.

Palermonian Kingdom Occupiation and RevolutionEdit

Blocks and Sunset were at war, yet sides turned and merged as the war went on, these people caught in between the wars were the Blocks Cowboys/Blockers and the Sunset Newbies/Sailors, the outcome of this was what became Palermo, a Sailor yet a Cowboy at the same time after both sides were copying each other and also joining each other.

Blocks was conquered by the Palermo Kingdom around September 2012, Titanicsinker56, later to become a Palermo member, held a revolution against the Palermo Kingdom and lost, the second Blocks Revolution however, led by Konnan1, was successful, resulting in the fall of Occupied Blocks.

Blocks however lost the north too a group named Octavia, or the Octavian Republic. Blocks was divided.

Final StandEdit

Blocks remained independent as it had formed an alliance with the Palermo Communist Party in November 2012, but was not effected upon the fall of Communist Palermo.

In Early 2013, the South Robloxian Democratic Republic was ruling over the City of Robloxia after a revolution in success. SRDR had as well come from Blocks, partially, and partially from Palermo, a combination of both groups, along with the members of the now occupied City of Robloxia, which held a popular Personal Server City and several groups.

Under GalenLP, SRDR carried out an operation to 'Unite Palermo', thus invading Octavia then moving down and invading Blocks. The Blocks Republic officially fell to SRDR in Early 2013.

The Mark LeftEdit

Blocks left a mark on Palermo, and New Blocks City eventually became Bloxxington in Palermo - SAS, it was never forgotten what happened in the days of 2012 and 2013, and is always remembered, for the time of boats, then the time of pure war too collapse.

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