War Name Battle at Lake Palermo
Date Occurred November 2012
Side 1: Sunset-Palermo Republic, Palermo Rebels
Side 2 CSNP, Griffin Squad
Side 3 Unknown
Winner: Side 2
Result Complete destruction of Lake Palermo.
Users Lost Uncertain

This is an article about a ROBLOX War

The Battle at Lake Palermo, or Invasion of Lake Palermo, was a battle which is thought to have occurred during the 11/19/12 war at Lake Palermo. The battle is highly conspiracal and its full details are rather unknown.


The reason for the battle is thought to be an attempt by the CSNP to destroy or damage the former Palermo Capital Server and rebel Capital Server, Lake Palermo. The siege resulted in an increase of anger during the war on the rebels side and multiple ships being found destroyed or damaged, including the LP Tour Boats


The battle occurred around November 2012 mid way into the war. The Communists had the military advantage and were winning the war at this time. 

It was around 12:00 AM Central Time, USA, when the battle is thought to have occurred, thus the reason why it is so unknown. 


The City of Lake Palermo was entirely destroyed after the battle and within the water there was suprisingly very few marks of damage done by bombs however it was litered with battleships similar to the Sunset Lab Battleship that were mostly damaged and capsized, a few partially sunk but stuck on debris and a few completely vacant just floating there.

There was as well multiple Citizen-ships similar to the Lake Palermo Tour Ships found scattered throughout the ruins in worse condition for the most part, none being undamaged, although, the LP Tour Ships themselves were blown up or sunk during the raid.


The Battle went long passed down by legend or rumors although no exact proof was ever recovered until the discovery of the Battleship 11/19/12 which sparked the theory that the Palermo Naval Battles during the Palermo Civil War were indeed fact. This was backed up with the discovery of the Lake Palermo Tour Ships shortly later. The actual time of battle and damage from it was not saved in the reverts and could not be recovered.

The Lake Palermo Tour Ships have since dubbed the title the "last surviving physical renmants of Lake Palermo during the Palermo Civil War."

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