War Name 3rd Palermo - TRUA War (Coalition War)
Date Occurred 12/13/14 - On going
Side 1: Palermonian Imperium, Supreme Initative, F.E.A.R
Side 2 {The Red Union Army}, East Amherst Police, Coal Wood
Side 3 United PS Nations
Winner: Ongoing
Result Ongoing
Users Lost No Users quit due to this war

This is an article about a ROBLOX War The 3rd Palermo-TRUA War, or sometimes referred to as the Battle for Palermo, is an on going war being fought between Coal Wood and allies, TRUA, etc., and Palermo and allies.


Although the war is not to begin officially until this winter break, the first battle unofficially occurred at Fort Lake Palermo in Palermonian victory, with SI, Raven, and Palermo fighting TRUA, EAPD, Greece, Coal Wood, and a few other groups.

Predicted OutcomeEdit

Some have predicted, according to Palermonian sources, that if this war carries out with a victor then it could unify the Nations of the PS Community once and for all, being that either one side loses or wins then an alliance is formed to unify all these groups.

This in the end would create a unified Personal Server Country/Nation/Clan Coalition or Alliance. Other theories suggest that this war will only lead to more destruction, and some predict that there will be no outcome.

The most obvious outcome is that either TRUA will keep The Empire of Palermo or the Palermonian Imperium will gain back its historic group, The Empire of Palermo.

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